Why Magento? All You Need To Know

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Why Magento? All You Need To Know

Why choose Magento for an online store development? Magento, a completely feature-oriented open-source platform for effective online store development

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As e-commerce zealots, we are very much aware of the "E-Commerce dominance" in the digital industry. Every other person we come across, who owns a business, whether large scale or small scale intends to offer services online, nowadays. The prime reason for switching businesses online is to be able to serve the customers 24*7 and make a profit out of it. As simple as such a scenario may sound, we must not forget to tell you; setting up an online business is not a tartlet!

Choosing the Right Platform: Setting Up an Online Site

When building an online site the problem pops up while deciding on which platform the site must be developed. This can be tough as there are multiple platform choices present. If not chosen wisely, many things could go haywire.

For that reason, business owners nowadays carefully analyze their business needs initially. Then they set their foot forward to choose a platform that best suits their business needs; and why not, after all, they got to spend a great deal of money in setting up the online store.

There's no doubt that Magento is most business entrepreneurs' choice. The reason being, it's completely feature-oriented and is an open-source platform. Hence, the store merchants will get to experience custom design templates and effective content management tools as well.

It was launched on March 31, 2008, and from this day on there was no turning back time and again it kept on proving that there's no match for its scalability and the extensive features that it comes handy with.

To add more to it, Magento is written in PHP and is based on the Zend Framework web application. Also, it makes use of the EAV-based MySQL database for data storage.

Let me list down some brands, that are using Magento-

  • HP Inc.-
  • JCB
  • Canon
  • Nike
  • Jack Daniel's
  • Jaguar and NCG
  • Helly Hansen

Let me give you an insight into the Magento Development Services, an exigent part of the  Magento Development cosmos.

Opting for Magento Development Services

Eventually, Magento development services revolve around fulfilling the customer-centric requisites. This, in turn, would boost sales and thus revenue for the online store. Magento has spread its horizons to multiple arenas in today's date.

Marketplace Development is just one aspect; it has spread its wings to reach out to the genesis of:-

  • App Development
  • Theme Development
  • Headless PWA Development
  • API Development
  • Migration Services, and
  • B2B Development.

This is not it! Magento will lay its hands on any fresh tech that launches and ensures to mold it as per your business needs.

Hence, on choosing the Magento development services, one can-

Manage and control the development and maintenance cost, all in all:

  • Magento serves some free features and lets you save that extra penny.

Reliability and Complete Control:

  • It lets you administer and manage the orders and allow inventory tracking, concurrently.

Seamless Purchase Process, for B2B Customers, especially!

  • Magento streamlines the process of large order purchases with the offline catalogs, thus making the ordering process simpler and smooth.

First Priority, Responsiveness!

In-built Upsells and Cross-Sells:

  • Upselling and Cross-Selling come handy with Magento and are highly responsible for boosting the sales and hence the revenue generation.
  • It provides an extra edge by appending prompts or in-browser options in the checkout page, thus encouraging your buyers to make more purchases.

Perhaps, as we move on to take this tour, it will acquaint us more to know the Magento Development Cosmos!

So let us take a deep dive and get a closer look at its extensive range of features.

Traits of the Magento Development Services

I am sure that you people must have this one question popping in your minds! Why should one choose Magento and not any other platform for developing an online website?

With so many options present around us, choosing the right platform may be a toilsome task. At the end of the day, your website musn' let you down! isn't it?

With that, let me cut the long story short, and list down some staggering features that accompany Magento!

  • Single Dashboard, multiple storefronts: A dashboard fosters managing multiple storefronts. Alas! you can have as many stores out there!
  • It's completely open-source and thus one can shape their stores as they like.
  • A wide range of comprehensive catalog management features administering extensive catalogs of virtual, physical, and even digital products.
  • One can import/ export catalog information, customer information, and products in bulk.
  • An easy-going and hassle-free inventory management process.
  • Features, such as chatbots/ contact us forms offer decent customer support. Also, it keeps them updated on the latest ongoing trends.
  • There are always a bunch of devs, or bloggers that guide the customers with their technical issues.
  • It's completely mobile-friendly and so users can go forth and place orders from their cell phones.
  • Magento incorporates innate analytics tracking features such as google analytics, reports regarding sales, tax customers and products, etc.
  • It even integrates extensive marketing and promotion tools such as coupons and newsletters, upsells/ cross-sells, etc. refer and share, etc.
  • Magento is extremely SEO friendly, supports google sitemaps, swift loading options, products' meta-information, etc.
  • Multiple alternatives for checkout, payment, and shipping options.
  • Fosters external payment gateway integration.
  • One Page Checkout, SSL support, a shopping cart that includes tax and shipping estimates.
  • It integrates third-party services that enhance the performance of your online store.
  • Magento is all about security as it offers a complete range of security features such as two-tier verification, encrypted connection i.e. SSL/HTTPS, a secure FTP connection, security scans, etc.
  • It supports multiple languages and currencies and so makes it suitable for international businesses and customers.

With so many underlying features and traits, Magento has marked a dedicated spot for itself in the e-commerce industry. Its end-to-end business solutions have proved to analyze the vital components of businesses and thus enhance your brand’s exposure, which in turn shall boost the sales and conversion rates of an online store.

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