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Why the MongoDB Haters are Wrong

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This article by David Mytton at Server Density, over a year old but reinvigorated by the recent "never use MongoDB" incident and its aftermath, takes an interesting look at last year's wave of MongoDB criticism by tracking the various arguments that had been made and responding to them individually. In each case, Mytton either points out the glaring user error that led to the complaint, offers a solution to the problem at hand, or simply points out the faulty arguments given. It's about as good a comprehensive defense as one could ask for!

Mytton hasn't been the only one to come to MongoDB's defense - we heard from Ayende Rahien and Shahal Tharique with direct responses to the recent criticism, Kristina Chodorow with an insider's perspective, and Vlad Mihalcea on why blaming open source projects is misguided - but Mytton's post looks beyond any particular attack and at the trend of click-baiting and popular-thing-bashing as a whole, especially when it comes to MongoDB.

Check out the full article for Mytton's back and forth with the various MongoDB criticisms of 2012. If you had any doubts about MongoDB after all the hate, this is the kind of thing that inspires confidence.

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