Why Moving Away From a Legacy Architecture Is Easier Than You Think

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Why Moving Away From a Legacy Architecture Is Easier Than You Think

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[This article was written by Dave Anselmi.]

Many rapidly growing e-commerce sites eventually find themselves at a common crossroads: increased traffic to their sites causes performance problems in legacy, scale-up MySQL databases —like slower page load times or inventory updates—and puts their business in peril.

While these businesses understand that problems with MySQL performance can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction and profitability—39 percent of consumers avoid vendors for two or more years after a poor experience, according to Zendesk—they are also concerned about moving away from their current database architecture and need answers to several questions. How long will the process take? Will they need to make significant code changes? How will the migration impact their core business?

ClustrixDB can answer all of these questions and more. If MySQL performance is an issue for your rapidly growing e-commerce site, you can quickly and easily “drop in” ClustrixDB as a replacement without making any code changes. ClustrixDB was designed to be compatible with MySQL for the express purpose of making migration simple. Clustrix ensures a successful migration by offering:

ClustrixDB is also a true scale-out cloud database, enabling organizations to easily add server nodes in the cloud when traffic increases suddenly—a feature that a traditional scale-up MySQL database does not offer. That functionality protects businesses from any site slowdown, even when traffic spikes suddenly because of a special promotion, one-day sale or holiday. When a spike occurs, these companies get the extra support they need quickly and seamlessly through the cloud. When it ends they can ramp down again and avoid paying for server capacity they don’t need.

If you are a fast-growing e-commerce business facing a re-architecture project, you can let go of that sense of panic you are likely feeling. ClustrixDB makes the process quick and easy and can support your business needs well into the future.

Would you like some more information about the differences between ClustrixDB and a legacy scale-up database? Check out our recent webinar.

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