Why No-Code is Driving the Future of App Development

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Why No-Code is Driving the Future of App Development

With a platform that allows freer access to human imagination without the barrier of development acumen, no-code is on the rise.

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Betty Blocks’ CEO Chris Obdam recently spoke with us about how the no-code revolution is giving rise to a new way of application development, and the message was clear: The future of application development is no-code, and the future is NOW.

What Can No-Code Do?

“One of the things people say nowadays is that software is eating the world,” says Obdam. The demand for applications is so high that we simply cannot keep up — there are not enough traditional programmers available to meet this need. 

This is the classic problem in application development today: The gap between IT departments and business demands. And no-code is here with the solution.

Get Behind the Wheel

The profound thing about the no-code movement is not only that users can deliver applications faster, but they also have the tools available to build software that actively contributes to the next generation of their business. 

No-code platforms provide the tooling for people who work in business functions to incorporate development into their roles. Putting more business-minded workers at the lead of projects helps to solve the problem of a lack of resources in software development, and also meets the need for more quality applications to serve business needs.

Drive Your Organization Forward

So there you have it. Faster development. More business minds. High-quality. Profound. Are you sold on the wonders of no-code yet? I’ll go on.

When a no-code platform is optimized to its full potential, the effects will be felt throughout the organization. In fact, you can count on some pretty great benefits to the operations of your company.

  • Bigger isn’t always better. One of the coolest applications — pun intended — of no-code platforms is their ability to quickly and easily create many apps that interconnect to automate and innovate. “The bigger the software and the project gets, the harder it is to manage it,” says Obdam. “It’s better to have a lot of smaller applications and let them work together than to have big monolithic applications.”

    Having multiple applications that can function independently also enables more flexibility within an organization, facilitating innovation by giant leaps.

  • Think like a startup. Innovation. Creativity. Experimentation. COOL. These are the words that come to mind when you think of a startup, and are elements that organizations can easily lose as they grow.

    The flexibility brought on by the increased collaboration and innovation made possible by no-code means that enterprise organizations can be as fast and agile as startups. Because of the speed of delivery and ease with which no-code applications can be iterated, even the largest companies can learn by doing (plus, all the other startups will think you’re cool). 

  • Get everyone on the same page. Implementing a no-code platform throughout your organization will facilitate collaboration and communication between departments. Not only does giving the keys to development to more of your workforce lessen the burden on IT backlogs, it also has the potential to bring together the most brilliant minds in your company to create business solutions directly.

Innovation in the Hands of People, Not Systems

The power of no-code is that it will allow us to capitalize on human potential to solve problems and transform organizations, because it removes programming as a barrier to developing solutions.

Technology is not separate from the human experience, but rather builds seamlessly into it. Social media, smartphones, etc. have so quickly and easily become integrated in (and even overrun) our daily lives because they build on natural human tendencies. They merely amplify the potential of humans to communicate, connect, and form networks.

No-code amplifies the potential of humans to innovate. Want to know what the most brilliant business minds in your company can come up with in terms of solutions? Give them a platform and see — try a free demo yourself today.

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