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Why-not-Me syndrome..!

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Why-not-Me syndrome..!

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I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. It is pretty common pattern of human behaviour, you can observe it everywhere, just look carefully.

Human being is a complicated creature with lots of weaknesses and artificial patterns on the cover; even though the natural essence is so powerful, unaware of it at all..!

The most dangerous pattern is; not being aware of your weaknesses.
Especially in this century, more ego-centric weakness has emerged further into
the infamous ego-game -> “not able to appreciate others achievements”

That is what I chose to name it as “Why-not-Me syndrome”!

It always reminds me of yet another joke from a Turkish comedian Cem Yilmaz; esp when he talks about basic patterns of human behaviour on reacting to others motives (of success or failure). It goes like this… When you see others achievements you say it silently by yourself ‘ehm well, nicely done…’, however if you see any mistake you say it loudly and rudely ‘thats crap, baaaad’. Very awkwardly funny motive though! :D

Remember that, especially in people development, praising publicly and instantly(complain privately!) is the most important motivation factor, the key assets and the essence of all (even for self-development)!

You should always thrive to see the potential, better try to see the full side of the glass, not complaining about the empty part.

Having the glass full of water would be meaningless though, your target should not be making it all full, it is all about the journey you take thru this transition, the level fluctuates in time and you thrive for continuous harmony…

In every condition, you must attain positive and encouraging attitude, thereby half-full is the asset and the main motivating factor, your key reference! In other words, assessing the potential to improve is what matters in people (and self-) development.

We are living in entrepreneurial era, creative ideas are flourishing from all around the world. Lots of ideas, lots of failures… but the best part is the startup spirit of build-ship-learn, keep trying and never give-up!

I love this scene from the movie Vizontele (fantastic Turkish humor!); you see a character named ‘Deli Emin’, which literally means ‘the crazy Emin’. He is obsessed with repairing gadgets, especially radio devices. He sees a TV-set for the first time in his life, his first reaction is; I had exactly the same idea! that’s just a radio with some pictures, nothing else :D

“I had exactly the same idea!”  We keep hearing it about this and that, here and there… So what?!

Especially in software world all ideas are similar, however that has no value anymore! (thanks to entrepreneurial pioneers!)

It is not about what you idealise, it is all about why & how you realise it! Your genuine style & spirit is the main differentiator, this is what matters, the rest is just details…

The best thing you can do is... just be yourself and do things in your genuine way..!

That’s it for now.

Keep up with positive spirit and remember to have some YoGurt with you..!


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