Why Organizations Should Hire a Managed Security Service Provider

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Why Organizations Should Hire a Managed Security Service Provider

If your company needs an upgrade on the security side things, but can't afford to hire someone for in-house, consider using a Managed Security Service Provider.

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In order to avail security expertise and lessen the workload of security staffs, more organizations are turning to managed security services. Let us get to know what it is and why organizations should hire a service provider for it.

What Are Managed Security Services?

Managed security services are third party providers who oversee and administer a company’s security process. Managed security service providers or MSSPs, provide services either in-house or remotely via the cloud. MSSPs offer a range of security services including setting up infrastructure through security management or incident response. Some of them even specialize in specific areas while others offer full outsourcing of an enterprise’s information security program. 

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Benefits of Hiring an MSSP

Key tasks

The key advantages of managed security services are the security expertise and extra staff that they provide. The ability of MSSPs for managing security processes from an off-site location allows enterprises to carry out their business without any interference. It maintains a constant line of communication and ensures that the IT part of the business is up-to-date in security issues, maintenance, and audits.

Other services

A wide range of security services is offered by MSSPs, like complete outsourcing of security programs, threat monitoring, data protection, regulatory compliance, network management, full-time assistance of the IT security department, and so on. Several organizations choose MSSPs for fast deployment times and improved time-to-value on security investments.

How Managed Security Service Providers are a Valuable Option

  • Managed security service offers continuous 24×7 oversight. Choosing an in-house security takes a large investment in both technology and manpower.
  • Cyber-attacks take place at an incredibly fast pace and leads a series of threats. In absence of required security tools and resources, it is difficult to address the threats as soon as they arise. Plus, it is also difficult to keep up with evolving threats and recover from the incidents detected. Without proper assistance, it may take too much time and consume substantial resources.

  • Most MSSPs operate on a global platform and focus on monitoring the threat landscape, meaning they have definite advantages over enterprises with a core business function not related to security and technology. It means that MSSPs own specialization in early threat detection and protection. Therefore, hiring an MSSP allows businesses to focus on core work leaving the security concerns to experts.

All the reasons mentioned above are sufficient for the organizations to opt for MPPS. 

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