Why OSX sucks and you should use Ubuntu instead

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Why OSX sucks and you should use Ubuntu instead

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OK, I confess, I use OSX almost exclusively and have for a number of years now. I DO have a number of Ubuntu machines, VMs, and servers in stable, but my goto device is a macbook pro (actually two of them, one for work, one for fun). I love the hardware, but the OS and specifically it's lack of a software package management tool has just a level of suckyness that irritates me.

Now, don't get me wrong, OSX suckyness is nothing compared to windows, but it seems to be frozen in 2004 and is not moving forward at a pace I think is acceptable considering the huge advances Ubuntu has made in a very short time frame. In the same vein, the UI for OSX is awesomely polished and user friendly, but there are some major pain points I can't seem to get past.

My Points

Ubuntu, being a Debian variant has an awesome software package management system. More importantly, just about anything you could ever want is ALREADY THERE in some shape or form. OSX has homebrew and macports...which both suck and are just plain confusing. Why in the world there is a need to do a recompile on a platform as tightly controlled as OSX when Ubuntu can deploy binary packages is a complete mystery to me.

This having been said

Apple is a hardware and user experience company, not a software company. Your hardware awesomely rawks, keep it up. Your software is pretty darn good, but you need to partner with canonical and/or an open source company to get a decent package management solution (or just fork Debian...or just partner with canonical). Your development tools are horrific. Please contact a professional developer who also does open source, not a sycophantic Apple Fanboi to help fix the problem.


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