Why Performance Matters: Every Company is a Software Company

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Why Performance Matters: Every Company is a Software Company

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Oracle Magazine recently published a fascinating piece on Swiss insurance company, Die Mobiliar , deploying Oracle Database in-memory. This move greatly sped up their business analytics. According to the piece, Die Mobiliar was using a slew of databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and IBM Mainframe technology. Presumably, this situation is not unique. Thus, Die Mobiliar opted to migrate their databases.

Shifting their database configuration, Mobiliar chose Oracle Database 12c, and moreover, the In-Memory setup. By using the in-memory option, Die Mobiliar was able to drastically improve application performance. It’s an neat move by Die Mobiliar, and illustrates a growing trend: more and more businesses are recognizing the importance of performance and software quality.

Companies like Die Mobiliar aren’t technically software companies, but everyone from insurance firms to banks are relying on software on a daily basis. More importantly, their customers depend on software, so it’s not just an internal motivation. Even large, well-respected businesses don’t really understand that they are a software company, even if they aren’t producing software. Outsourcing to multiple vendors encourages tangled setups like Die Mobiliar’s aforementioned database configuration. By recognizing the importance of performance and software quality, companies are able to correct problems in their setup.

However, this isn’t often an easy fix. Accodring to Paolo Kerth, team leader for database management systems at Die Mobiliar, it will take about 10 years to fully transition off of their DB2 servers. Luckily, an increasing number of companies are becoming aware of the need to concentrate on performance, and moreover are actually doing something to address performance. One of the best examples is Netflix. In an enlightening blog post, Netflix detailed a smorgasbord of microservices that their Reliability and Cloud Performance teams developed to analyze performance and reliability at scale. This trend of companies realizing that everyone is a software business is promising, and will hopefully lead to better performance, as exhibited by innovative teams like Netflix and Die Mobiliar. 

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