Why Python Coders Are So In-Demand Around the Globe

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Why Python Coders Are So In-Demand Around the Globe

Why should you learn Python? Why is Python so sought after? Read on to get those questions answered and more.

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At some point in your life, you decided you wanted to be a programmer. At around the same time, you started having dreams of working in huge, employee friendly and highly paying companies such as Google, Nokia, IBM and so on. You knew that if you could get a job in one of these companies, your financial security and future would be well taken care of for as long as you were of value. That’s where Python comes in. But, why learn python?

Choosing Which Coding Language to Learn

If you are smart (which you must be if you're thinking of a career in programming) then you will have done lots of research as to which programming languages are popular within the market. You must have looked into which languages are in demand and most likely to get you hired by the huge, lucrative companies and ended up with Python.

There is a great reason why Python coders are so in-demand around the globe and why Python has been around for as long as it has been (over two decades now). That is mostly because it is highly marketable. There are lots of programs, platforms, and products that run on Python. That is why anyone who has studied and mastered it as a coding language is highly marketable in the job market today.

Statistics show that Python coders get paid an average of about $106,000 per year. The same statistics also show that Python-based job opportunities have grown an astounding 20% in just one year. If you want to know how popular Python programmers are, you should look at the overall IT hiring statistics from 2014. The numbers show that overall hiring demand for professional IT individuals has dipped by 5% in general, except for Python programmers which had increased by 8.7% during the same period. Python developers are ranked as the 8th most in-demand tech workers in New York.

Why Python Coders Are So In-Demand Around the Globe

Python Is Highly Utilized in Industry

It is that simple. The more the market has a use for whatever skills you have the more in-demand you will be. Python, as a programming language, is highly useful to the market. One of the biggest advocates for Python is Google which uses this program as part of its Google App Engine as well as YouTube. Since companies such as Google are major industry innovators, it is no surprise that their favoring Python has made this program quite popular. As a company, Google has over 60,000 employees. Many of whom are programmers who are highly paid.

Python Programmers Are Versatile and Efficient

Other companies that hire Python programmers include ABN AMRO, Industrial Light & Magic, National Weather Service and so on. Many of these companies like using Python because it is a highly efficient and powerful program with numerous frameworks and libraries, something that makes their ambitions for developing substantially versatile applications easier to achieve.

As a language, Python is very flexible. Programmers in this language are encouraged to solve any given problem using different methods. The fact that the language is also forgiving of errors means that programmers can experiment and get creative, which often leads to significant innovations.

Python Programmers Can Support Several Platforms

As a language, Python is very portable, which means that it can run on any given platform. This gives whichever company that uses Python the ability to support and run multiple operating systems. These companies often find that they need Python programmers to help them run these operating systems as opposed to hiring different programmers and engineers for every single system separately.

Python Is Excellent for Web Development

They say that the Internet is the next frontier. Indeed, we have started seeing the slow but gradual shift towards virtual reality. But besides that, today, there is hardly any forward thinking company that is not online. Whether it’s on social media, on their own website, or through an App, every company is trying to get a piece of the pie as far as online marketing is concerned. To do this, these companies need to run programs and utilize platforms that run on Python.

This programming language has vast capabilities that give its programmers the kind of skills needed by almost every company to become a serious player in the online market. Since going online is integral for every companies survival today, it only makes sense that Python programmers would be in such high demand as well. They are essentially necessary to the survival of any online-bound company.


Add to all this the fact that Python is now the most popular programming language for beginners in U.S Colleges and Universities and you have an excellent program that is not only efficient and powerful, but that also attracts all the bright programming minds in the country and indeed the world. Since businesses always have a high demand for bright young minds, it follows to say that they will always have a high demand for Python programmers. These are just a few reasons why Python coders are so in-demand today.

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