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Why Raising Money is Easier When You’re an Adult

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Why Raising Money is Easier When You’re an Adult

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As we make the transformation from traditional fundraising to online crowdfunding, it’s always entertaining to take a walk down memory lane…

Younger Self: Lemonade Stand Blues

Lemonade Stand
Photo Credit: Nina Fraizer

It may have seemed like a good idea at first, but 4 hours later when you’re sunburnt, sweaty, coming down from a sugar rush from drinking half of your product, and have exactly $2.25 in your pocket, you’re going to want to rethink your plans of raising money and buying a pony.

Present Self: Professional Online Platform

FunderHut - Online Crowdfunding

Type FunderHut.com into your URL bar. Boom. Done. Already on your way to crowdfunding FUNDtastic land. No sugar required.

Younger Self: Pleading to the Parents

When I ask my parents for money

Remember the days when you had to ask your parents for every. single. little. thing? Money for gas, getting your ears pierced, your favorite snacks. Those were the dark ages. We should have won Emmys for our fake tears, obnoxious groans, and temper tantrums.

Present Self: Writing Your Story

Typing on a laptop

Instead of wasting energy throwing a fit, you can now take that passion and put it into writing a strongly voiced description of your fabulous project. Sorry Mom and Pops.

Younger Self: Car Washes

sign at a carwash

Sure, a car wash could reinforce team bonding and hey, you might have even gotten a nice tan out of it. But with all the work put into it: passing out the flyers, sparkling the heck out of posters, and being that awkward person that is forced to wave the sign, all you really advertised to is a small population of locals.

Present Self: One Click to Spread the News

Social Media sharing

Using an online platform for raising funds means that you are connecting with thousands of contributors across the world. A simple share on Facebook, a funny Tweet, catchy hashtag, or a forwarded email can vastly increase profits.

Younger Self: Couch Searching


Along with hair lint and three-week-old Cheetos, you probably found enough change in your couch to buy half a hamburger at McDonald’s. No Happy Meal toy for you. Ouch.

Present Self: Contributions of Change

Piggy Bank

Think of it this way: instead of searching your own couch, you get access to everyone’s couch. Each donation made, even those as small as $1, means that someone cares about the future of your idea. Soon, your virtual piggybank will be booming with supporters across the world.

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