Why Regular Exercise Makes You a Better Copywriter

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Why Regular Exercise Makes You a Better Copywriter

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Do you want to be a better copywriter? Sure you can take writing course and improve your ability, but what about hitting the gym, taking a yoga class or going hiking to improve your copywriting success? You might not have made the connection before, but regular exercise will actually have a very beneficial effect on your copywriting success.

So how can breaking a sweat help you to improve your writing? Here are a few of the reasons why it works:

It Teaches You Discipline

Keeping up a regular exercise routine requires you to push beyond your natural laziness and keep running or working out, even when you are tired or you don’t want to. After a while, you develop the ability to push beyond the tiredness and stay dedicated to your workouts. The same ability can be incredibly beneficial to your writing.

Sometimes you will be feeling tired and uninspired and writing will be the last thing you want to do. However, as a freelance copywriter you will need to be able to find that motivation from somewhere so that you can continue to be productive and get your work done.

It Increases Blood Flow to Your Brain

When you are exercising, you will be raising your heart rate and increasing the blood flow all throughout your body – not least of all to your brain. This has a number of health benefits, but most of all an increase blood flow to your brain will allow your neurons to fire faster and your concentration to improve. You can actually make yourself sharper and more creative, just by going for a jog around the block or attending an aerobics session. That increased brain power will have a very beneficial effect on your writing.

It Lowers Stress Level

Another beneficial effect of regular exercise is that it will lower your stress level. This has many health benefits, but why does it help to improve your writing? Many studies have shown that when you are relaxed and feeling less stressed, you are more likely to come up with higher quality creative ideas. This will ensure that your copywriting is fresh, innovative and stands out from the crowd – which is a very important aspect of being successful as a copywriter. It doesn’t matter what exercise you do – whether it is playing football, mountain climbing or martial arts – any physical activity will help to lower stress levels in your body.

It Prevents Brain Shrinkage

As you age, your brain starts to shrink – which is obviously not good for your cognitive ability. A study from the American Academy of Neurology has discovered that exercising regularly will help to prevent against brain shrinkage – especially in old age. The study followed several old age pensioners and their activity and exercise habits. The results, measured over three years, found that the people who participated in more physical activity experienced less brain shrinkage than those who didn’t.

It Improves Confidence

When you give yourself a physical challenge that seems daunting at first, but you eventually overcome it, this will give you a huge boost of confidence that can carry over into other aspects of your life – such as your writing. For example, if you challenge yourself to run a 5k or to complete a weight training program and you succeed – you will feel on top of the world and like you can accomplish anything. That confidence will stay with you when you sit down to the computer to write and you will feel like you can finish that novel, win that big writing contract or tackling a particularly challenging copywriting project. This confidence will help you to improve your career as a copywriter by leaps and bounds.

These are just a few of the reasons why exercise will help you to improve and become more successful as a copywriter. The great thing is that it doesn’t really matter what type of exercise you choose, as long as you are doing some sort of physical activity. You should do something that is fun and enjoyable to you, whether that is wilderness hiking, playing rugby or practicing modern dance, because if you enjoy it you will be more likely to stick with the habit.

Exercise will not only have benefits for your writing, but also for your health and your life in general - so why not strap on those running shoes or sign up for that Zumba class and get hot and sweaty? You will be glad you did.


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