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Why ReSharper is so Good ?

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Why ReSharper is so Good ?

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.NET developers still asking what is so special about ReSharper might want to read a little bit about the value that ReSharper adds to Microsoft VisualStudio:

ReSharper fully integrates with Visual Studio and makes your work in this environment more productive, providing you with the following advantages.

  • Improved Code Quality — ReSharper analyzes your code as you type, highlights warnings and errors on the fly and suggests quick-fixes
  • Ultimate Developer Productivity — ReSharper instantly generates dozens of predefined, customizable code constructs and smartly assists in typing, editing, transforming, navigating and searching code in Visual Studio
  • Cross-Language Functionality — ReSharper goes far and beyond Visual Studio in supporting mixed-language projects, multiple languages, scripts and technologies
  • Code Optimized for Change — ReSharper has 27 built-in accurate, robust refactorings to help developers easily and speedily improve the structure and maintainability of their code
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD) — ReSharper provides a seamlessly integrated unit testing solution for agile, efficient test-driven development

For a more detailed comparison, just click here and find the complete list of helpful features ReSharper adds to Visual Studio.


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