Why You Should Learn to Code

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Why You Should Learn to Code

Coding skills are important for your mind, your pocketbook, and your ability to contribute to a development team. Learn why.

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For every Product Manager position there are roughly six engineering jobs in Silicon Valley."

There are many people working in Silicon Valley, from HR professionals to Marketing professionals, but the worth and demand for coding professionals is more. Most of us are altruistic individuals and would love a higher paying job.

The demand for coding skills is not centered just in Silicon Valley and learning to code has a lot more benefits than higher employability and pay.

Let us talk about some of the obvious and some of the not so obvious reasons of why should you learn to code, the reasons which are other than a six-figure pay and creating one’s own start-up. This applies more so if you are not planning on becoming a software engineer.

Learning to Code Sharpens Your Mind

A program will work or it won’t. And if it does not work, it means there are bugs which will require analysis and concentration to sort out. But unlike a math puzzle, even if your solution is wrong the program will do something unexpected there and then. In short, at least there is some result to keep you motivated.

Also, coding is another platform for creativity. Studying coding can help to web developement  and “computational thinking” over time. Computational thinking means faster problem-solving and understanding large amounts of information.

Your Understanding of Development Will Grow

This applies if you are already in the tech industry. Even if you are not on the development team, you can still arm yourself with more information and help out when required. For example, if your company is planning a new launch, you can figure out pretty accurately till when it is going to be ready, which is not information everyone is privy to. 

Also, having a better understating of product development means you can work better with the development team. You will be able to understand the jargon and how stuff works under the hood. If you are on the marketing team, this will do wonders for you. If you understand a product well enough, then you can better sell it. Plus if you are selling the product, you will be one directly working with the customers. You can take some of their reasonable requests and explain to the development team exactly what changes you need.

You Can Build Prototypes

If you have great idea, you can build a prototype. It may not do everything you want it to do, but it will still show the fact that your idea can work.

The tech industry is centered on the principle of “show me,” and if you can do that then your chances of success go up.

It Shows Your Ability to Learn New Things

You might pick up coding and learn a bit about it and then leave it. We do not become masters of everything we pick, somethings appeal to us and we stick to them and somethings just do not.

You may not become a master coder, but try your hand at it. The first reason is that coding may turn out to be your thing. The second reason is even if it does not appeal to you, you can still learn the rudimentary basics and show off to potential employers that you are someone who is open to learning.

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