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Why should you opt for Managed Cloud Hosting Services? Is it really for you?

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Why should you opt for Managed Cloud Hosting Services? Is it really for you?

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Consider you run a small business, and a large chunk of your revenues generates from online transactions through your website. Now imagine if your website stops working for a few hours because someone hacked the server? There would be a definite loss, both of money, and reputation. For many and especially those running small or medium sized online ventures, having a website is not enough. There should be someone who could handle and monitor the functionality of the web-server day in, day out.

Managed Hosting can replace that someone. With Managed Hosting, managing the server-side of your website would be the least of your worries. Managed Hosting  is an option that many web hosting companies offer their clients. In this mode of operation, you are not only renting out the hardware, but also paying for their services to maintain the proper functioning of the hardware. In simpler terms, you are outsourcing all tasks related to Server maintenance of your websites.

3 CRUCIAL BENEFITS OF Managed Cloud Hosting Service:


To construct a similar department in your company would cost you money. Then, the talent you might hire may not be at par with the changes that occur in the industry. Managed hosting providers cover this up for you efficiently. They can troubleshoot complex situations quicker as they have the manpower with better and more diverse exposure. Furthermore, these providers not only keep your data safe, they also maintain a backup of it. They keep the operating system of the server up-to-date which keep hackers, malware, and spammers at bay.

Cost Effectiveness:

Building departments look good on paper, but it costs money. You have to hire the right people, train them, and then station them at the right places. However, Managed Cloud Hosting  can provide you the same functionality at a very affordable price. Many of these providers present you with a range of solutions at different price levels. The higher the price, the more advance would be their level of service. However, many small and medium sized business websites require basic functionalities, for example, data security. You can always have additional features later. On many Managed Hosting providers, storage is also properly managed. Over a period of time, your storage needs may change. Managed Hosting allows you to get the most storage for your money.

Value Addition:

Many will think how Managed Hosting can add value to their businesses. Managed Hosting reduces the downtime of your website significantly. It also provides a safe surfing experience for your visitors. Additionally, by outsourcing server-side maintenance tasks, you save on hiring and training. This way you can now focus more on delivering promised services. Customer satisfaction and good word-of-mouth are the need of every business.

Many think that managed hosting is quite expensive, but if considered, it is extremely cost-effective. It is an investment which reaps many benefits. You will not lose much when you will have an always-on, properly maintained and secure website—with a backup if anything goes wrong.


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