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Why SMBs Need to Transform Into Lean, Mean, ITaaS-Enabled Machines

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Why SMBs Need to Transform Into Lean, Mean, ITaaS-Enabled Machines

Small- and medium-sized businesses have access to the same services as large enterprises to drive digital transformation and organizational efficiency.

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In the era of digital transformation and emerging technologies, organizations of all sizes face an increasingly rapid pace of business, the need to manage of swarms of data, and the need to enhance mobility on a global scale. But small- and medium-sized businesses, in particular, are under a great deal of strain — from lower-working capital to a dearth of IT expertise and resources to difficulty attracting and retaining IT talent. In order to keep up, SMBs need to take a very strategic approach to utilizing IT resources as efficiently as possible, and not simply pile on more hardware and software to manage and consume.

IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) has been rapidly growing to help reduce upfront IT costs and maximize value for businesses of all sizes, but in particular, it’s definitely been a game-changer in addressing the particular needs of SMBs. It’s not only more efficient and effective when it comes to resource utilization, but empowers SMBs to harness IT to directly address their unique set of business needs.

Centralized, Manageable, and Flexible IT

From a big picture standpoint, ITaaS enables a fundamental shift for SMBs that enhances operational efficiency and resource utilization in a profound way. Instead of having to manage the myriad of components that comprise IT infrastructure and worry about maintaining internal IT skills and resources, SMBs can simply adapt to a vendor management model. Outsourcing the maintenance and optimization of the entire IT environment means that organizations can say goodbye to piecemeal IT management.

The automated provisioning capabilities of ITaaS reduce both complexity and the likelihood of human error throughout the entire IT process, from deployment through management and optimization. And since all of the core IT components are neatly packaged and tightly integrated, everything is orchestrated to play nicely together, and SMBs don’t need to pay for expensive resources to manually achieve this.

Better-Customized IT to Suit Specific Business Needs

In a dog-eat-dog world, organizations need to ensure that their technology investments are enhancing the business first and foremost. The requires a tight alignment between IT and business objectives, so it’s essential that technology is able to keep pace and help drive a competitive edge. ITaaS transforms IT into the lean, mean, Agile machine that SMBs need to stay on top of their game. The enhanced scalability and flexibility of the cloud means that operations can rapidly adapt to business needs without needing to invest enormous time and resources.

Lower, More Transparent, and Predictable Costs

The brilliance of ITaaS is the pay-as-you-go, per-user-per-month model. This makes costs more predictable and transparent so SMBs can gain better control over their IT expenses, and never worry about overpaying for something they’re not using. In addition, there are many advanced cloud services that offer smarter tools to enhance the bang-for-buck, whether you’re using the private cloud or the public cloud. For example, there are automatic resource-scaling features that can intelligently adjust resources based on the actual consumption of users. This means that if an organization’s employees need more compute power on Monday mornings between 9-10 AM but half as much on the weekends, the IT environment will dynamically adjust so that the business is only paying for what is actually being used.

Better Self-Service

It’s important to understand that while the user experience is of chief importance, ITaaS impacts operational efficiencies across the board by enhancing self-service capabilities, which translates to higher productivity. Business users can access critical applications and data instantaneously and help themselves to whatever they need to get their work done, while behind the curtain, IT admins can quickly and easily view system details and adjust settings such as roles and access. ITaaS reduces the risks for bottlenecks anywhere in the chain to slow down the business or impact the bottom line.

The key to success in the ITaaS journey is finding the right managed services partner that understands their specific business goals, and properly align these with an effective cloud automation platform. With the resulting lower costs and overhead, better performance, easier billing, and fewer issue, SMBs will never want to go back to the old piecemeal approach to IT ever again.

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