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Why We Implemented Continuous Delivery

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Why We Implemented Continuous Delivery

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In VietnamWorks.com we managed to implement Continuous Delivery (CD), and we used following image (from PRAQMA) as our reference. But why did we decide to use CD?

  • We wanna build the right features for our products such as Email Me jobs which is a huge success for us now,
  • Avoid our risksfail fast succeed faster
  • Competition is growing in our business and we have to respond to change very quickly, our release cycles are once a week
  • We enjoy being creative, that is why we have our Innovation Time Off. CD helps us to achieve our dreams
  • We need to be stable and reliable. CD brings that for us.
  • Save Time, waste less. Lean Startup.
  • Better products due to frequent user feedback

Image courtesy of PRAQMA


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