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Why We Implemented Continuous Delivery

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Why We Implemented Continuous Delivery

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Read why times series is the fastest growing database category.

In VietnamWorks.com we managed to implement Continuous Delivery (CD), and we used following image (from PRAQMA) as our reference. But why did we decide to use CD?

  • We wanna build the right features for our products such as Email Me jobs which is a huge success for us now,
  • Avoid our risksfail fast succeed faster
  • Competition is growing in our business and we have to respond to change very quickly, our release cycles are once a week
  • We enjoy being creative, that is why we have our Innovation Time Off. CD helps us to achieve our dreams
  • We need to be stable and reliable. CD brings that for us.
  • Save Time, waste less. Lean Startup.
  • Better products due to frequent user feedback

Image courtesy of PRAQMA

Learn how to get 20x more performance than Elastic by moving to a Time Series database.


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