Why We Migrated from MongoDB to Riak

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Why We Migrated from MongoDB to Riak

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Powering hundreds of thousands of clicks and shares and hundreds of millions of pageviews every month, Shareaholic found itself needing to scale up it's big data architecture. Learn why we chose Riak, what it does for us, and how we imported 100 gigabytes of data from a live Mongo database while maintaining data consistency and zero downtime. I'll discuss the things that went smoothly and the things I'd do differently next time. I'll assume a general familiarity with NoSQL data stores, but no prior knowledge of or experience with Riak.

About the author:

Robby leads tech at Shareaholic in Cambridge, MA. Before Shareaholic he was a senior developer at oneforty, which was acquired by Hubspot in August 2011. He also founded PaperPhobic, a mobile receipt tracking service, and wrote natural language processing software at Inxight, which was acquired by SAP/Business Objects in 2007. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Wheaton College and an M.L.A. in Management from Harvard University.
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