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Why You Need Release Automation and Value Stream Integration

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Why You Need Release Automation and Value Stream Integration

Go beyond CI/CD in your DevOps with value stream integration with release automation to reduce errors and speed up your software lifecycle.

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Download the blueprint that can take a company of any maturity level all the way up to enterprise-scale continuous delivery using a combination of Automic Release Automation, Automic’s 20+ years of business automation experience, and the proven tools and practices the company is already leveraging.

This week at DOES London 2018, we spoke about looking "Beyond CI/CD" to take greater control of your DevOps transformation to accelerate your enterprise software delivery. By implementing both Release Automation and Value Stream Integration, organizations, agencies and institutions obtain a potent force that enables them to connect, visualize, measure and optimize how they plan, build and deliver software at scale.

Application Release Automation (ARA) is crucial in helping larger organizations to ship software products faster in order to fight off the threat posed by truly Agile, digital-native competitors. Yet despite investments in ARA to eliminate the bottleneck between "dev" and "ops", many are still finding that their end-to-end lead time and Time to Value (TtV) are still too long, unmeasured and unpredictable. That's because there are bottlenecks, latencies and dependencies further upstream.

What's more, once the delivery bottleneck is solved thanks to ARA, organizations no longer know where their current bottlenecks are, nor how to find them. Why? Because ARA tools were not designed to provide visibility into work further upstream — it's focused on all activities in the Release pipeline from code commit to production. With no holistic view or end-to-end traceability, the software delivery process remains obscure and unmanageable.

That's why leading IT organizations are investing in Value Stream Integration to go beyond CI/CD, which connects all key stages of software delivery - including release activities. Not only does it remove delay, reduce costly errors, and ensure cross-team understanding, but it provides organizations with a fully visible and traceable flow of work that can be measured, managed and optimized to accelerate value delivery and enable true end-to-end DevOps.

Download our latest white paper Beyond CI/CD: why you need both Release Automation alongside Value Stream Integration to discover how combining both practices creates a potent force to help you accelerate your Time to Value (TtV).

Download the ‘Practical Blueprint to Continuous Delivery’ to learn how Automic Release Automation can help you begin or continue your company’s digital transformation.

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