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Why You Need To Try TFS Team Project Manager

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Why You Need To Try TFS Team Project Manager

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Visual Studio Gallery - TFS Team Project Manager

"TFS Team Project Manager automates various tasks across Team Projects in Team Foundation Server. If you find yourself managing multiple Team Projects for an organization and have recurring tasks and questions that repeat themselves over and over again, Team Project Manager probably has some answers for you

TFS Team Project Manager can help you...

  • Manage build definitions
    • View and delete build definitions
    • Update common properties within build definitions
  • Manage build process templates
    • Understand which build templates are used by which build definitions
    • Unregister existing build process templates
    • Register new or update existing build process templates
  • Manage security
    • Understand which security groups have which members
    • Delete security groups
    • Add security groups
  • Manage source control
    • Understand which projects have which source control settings (multiple check-out, get latest on check-out, check-in notes)
    • Update source control settings
    • Retrieve the latest changesets (e.g. to see which projects are still active)
  • Manage work item configuration
    • Compare work item configurations (i.e. work item type definitions, categories, process configuration) with various sources, e.g. to determine which Process Template was likely used to create which project
    • Understand which projects use which work item types and how many work items there are of each
    • Import new or update existing work item types
    • Manage work item categories
    • Manage process configuration (i.e. common and agile configuration)

TFS Team Project Manager works against TFS 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

Here's a screenshot for the work item configuration comparison screen, more screenshots are available on the Documentation page on the website."

CodePlex - TFS Team Project Manager


As mentioned above, make sure you check out all the screenshots and information on the Documentation page of the project.

9-14-2012 4-58-18 PM

The best thing (besides that wit works against Team Foundation Server 2005, 2008, 2010 or 2012)? The source for it all is available! Nice!


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