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Why should your enterprise start thinking of having a Molecular Mobile App Development Platform?

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Why should your enterprise start thinking of having a Molecular Mobile App Development Platform?

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“Mobile app development is more important for enterprises to grow their business, but they need to have the platforms to handle them.”

In today's era, mobile technology is constantly evolving. The list of people using the mobile devices is expanding. It is seen that mobile devices have changed people’s lifestyle, wherein smartphones have played a major role. These technologically advanced gadgets offer extensive services helping people and enterprises succeed and thrive. The key drivers for the success of smart phones are mobile applications, which allow individuals and enterprises to perform various tasks. Enterprises must have a molecular   mobile app development platform  (MMADP) to survive competition in a mobile society. Here are the reasons:   
    • The exponentially growing Internet of Things and big data unveils new business opportunities.
    • Mobile ROI (Return of investment)
    • Inter-customer engagement can transform your business
    • Collaborative app development takes your business to the next level
    • The need for flexibility in designing is important for mobile landscape.
Investment of both time and money is needed to create an app for your business. The good news is that entering the mobile market no longer necessarily requires to spend money and time. Our mobile app development platform helps you build an app on a budget – No coding required.
Molecular Mobile Applications Development Platform (MMADP)
Nowadays customers & developers get variety of OS (iOS, Android, Windows) for their devices resulting from growing of mobile app development activities around the globe. 

MMADP can support their needs for both current and future projects. 

WeblineGlobal offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges.  WeblineGlobal's MMADP is a complete set of Cloud Services, Frameworks & Tools which allows you to create multichannel apps for your Smartphones, Tablets & Desktops using the drag-n-drop and click functionalities. WeblineGlobal Molecular Mobile Application Development Framework is a click-n-deploy scalable structure of 250 plus libraries and 200 plus components which can be configured through a very user friendly UX UI. Entire structure can be synced with the most complex back-end systems with minimum customizations thereby helping enterprise replicate Apps across platforms in less time frame. It helps to create Native, Hybrid, Web Apps from a single code base. WeblineGlobal's MMADP solution  differentiates itself by following features:   
  • Front-end development environment (UI, IDE, SDK)
  • Back end systems ( Mobile backend as a service (MbaaS), Middleware )
  • Manual and Automated testing
  • Click-n-Integrate 3rd Party Analytics – Appium, Flurry, Countly, Localytics, Selenium, Google Analytics, etc
  • Click-n-Sync configuration to Enterprise Storage Systems like AS3, Dropbox, Box, Onedrive, Sharefile
  • End-to-End encryption / decryption of data and file services
  • Centralized Control, User Access Management and Risk Management
  • Social Media integrations
  • Obeys Governance and Security Compliance Standards
  • Future proof
  • Security Add-on (MAM, MDM)
Having a molecular mobile app development platform (MMADP) will help enterprises to create great Mobile experience, taking flexibility, manageability, and security into account. MMADP helps to deliver cross-platform applications & thus meet your end-client needs by embracing BYOD technology. 

Please contact us for further details & discussion. We look forward to empowering you with robust Molecular Mobile Apps Development Platform.

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