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Why Your Java Career Is Looking Better and Better [Infographic]

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Why Your Java Career Is Looking Better and Better [Infographic]

Not only is Java popular, but the demand for devs is soaring. Get a look at what to focus on (hint: Hibernate is great — JSP, not so much), and where you can advance.

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Java has helped build many careers because of its popularity with developers since the past two decades. What is more exciting is that this journey is not going to slow down anytime soon.

As many as 12 countries are ready to pay a high salary for Java professionals even with no experience. It is not only developed countries like US and UK but also developing countries like India that are having a shortage of Java professionals to fill in different positions.

Glancing through some of the best sites for advanced Java programmers can give you a fair idea of the latest trends. It can also help you know how you could use a number of free resources on these sites to gain an expertise in advanced Java programming.

Java certification provides a comprehensive view of the current trends in the market and also keeps you updated on the developments in the industry. Along with it, certifications can assist in getting Java jobs especially when you switch locations. The advantage of certifications is two-fold. Not only will they enrich your knowledge base but keep you a step ahead of your competition.

This infographic will go into the various aspects of why your Java career is looking bright, and what you can do to hit your potential.

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