Will Apigee and MuleSoft Kill the API War?

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Will Apigee and MuleSoft Kill the API War?

The world of API Management solution publishers is slowly but surely evolving, and MuleSoft and Apigee are well on their way to winning the bet.

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I recently needed to evaluate API Management solutions to know which vendors I should focus on in my consulting practice.

The first step, certainly that of the lazy consultant, is to analyze the Gartner and Forrester studies. Which vendors are best placed? Which have seen the most positive changes in their rankings?

You can see several things:

  • Google via Apigee is in the top two analysts' rankings
  • Software AG is also rated by both analysts, but the rating is raised by the strategy of the Vendor and lowered by the quality of its offer
  • Mulesoft is highly rated by Gartner, less so by Forrester, and has seen its ranking improve over time
  • IBM is well rated by both
  • Axway made progress in both rankings without being among the best
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So that gives us the first list. But for me, the two vendors that will stand out are Mulesoft and Apigee. Why? These two vendors benefit from huge traction through two axes, which are hybrid integration and the support of a strong parent company.

On hybrid integration, compared to all the publishers that I have just listed, they are the best-placed on this level. Mulesoft has become a true iPaaS, with the deployment of a local agent to be installed on-premise, while Apigee is in hybrid integration and on-premise (but API only) and multi-cloud. 

This is clearly a strong axis, as it fits in with the strong strategy of their parent company. Google wants to become the cloud of clouds with its Google Anthos solution, while Salesforce, which is behind Mulesoft, has every interest in its CRM connecting to everything, including and especially to on-premise systems.

No other API management editor can boast of having as much support as Mulesoft or Apigee. They remain behind IBM and Software AG, one that is not a leader in the cloud, and the other is an independent publisher. In terms of human and financial resources, it is unlikely that they will be able to match their strike force. 

It is for all these reasons that I would bet especially on these two publishers. So there is still a place for small open source publishers — like Kong, Tyk, or WSO2 — to offer a free stand-alone API manager.

And you? Who do you think will kill the game?

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