Will Micro Apps Become a Trend in 2017?

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Will Micro Apps Become a Trend in 2017?

Are you considering developing a micro app for your business in the near future? Find out here if it will be worth your time.

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Yes, micro apps may become a major trend as well as a revolution in the application development space. With 2 million apps on Apple Store and 2.2 million on Google Play, the stores are already overcrowded. Moreover, every one of us installs at least 40 apps on our devices but actively use only 3 or 4. In fact, according to AppsFlyer, most of the apps are not even retained for a full day.

Where Is the Gap?

We found at ValueCoders, businesses make a common mistake in mobile app development that is the tendency to build all-rounder apps. In fact, many mobile apps are simply the condensed versions of their existing websites, desktop apps, or online services, designed to perform all the same functions as their larger counterparts leaving their customers and employees highly confused.

What Are Micro Apps?

If you think that you don’t know micro apps, you're wrong! A micro app is a consumer-oriented application to deliver highly targeted functionality (e.g. facebook messenger, Snapchat Micro, or weather forecast app). In other words, a micro app is an application you build to perform specific operations.

“one app icon takes you right into the app that doesn’t do everything—just everything you want”

Here is the technicality behind micro apps:

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How Micro Apps Can Help

Micro apps carry bigger impacts than it seems. From customers to employees and startups to enterprises, it caters to all of them. Here are few examples:

Your Employees Will Remember Everything

Is it really possible for any of your employees to remember exactly what happened on 3rd March? No! How about a mini app with a feature of storing your daily updates and give you push notification about what to do today. And nothing else. Very simple right!

Your employees won’t get confused with hundreds of functionalities and also get rid off old desktop apps.

Stay Updated and Work from Anywhere

Did your accounts department know that you have hired a new head of HR? Did one of your associate ever wait for 3 hours to get the expense approval from you as you were in a meeting? How about getting a notification when your sales team closes a deal or checks the sales graph? All of these can happen with a micro app whose one and only goal is to keep you updated!

Just Want to Chat?

Facebook messenger is likely already on your mobile. You know how it works: you just go in, see who’s online, and start chatting. It’s that simple. Amazing right?

How about a similar micro app for your office talks. Just go in, inform your associate and close.

Seamless from Any Device

According to Smartinsights 51% people prefer smartphones, 42% desktop or laptops.

Your micro apps can help them all. You can do all those things that are important for you from any devices. Just build a micro web app and connect to the mobile app. All comes under the same umbrella.

No Need to Get Lost in App Stores

Micro apps are based on HTML/HTML5 and load dynamically, typically dodging app stores and loading directly into existing communication-tools like Facebook Messenger, slack or Snapchat. This is a big relief and also you will save some cost while building and promoting micro apps.

The Bottom Line

Not only these, but micro apps can also help you  and your business to save cost and make process simpler as well as easier. This consumerization of your applications will certainly help your employees as well. In the end, your employees are also your customers.

This post was originally published on ValueCoders.

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