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Windows Azure Learning Path Exercise 1: Use Windows Azure Caching for Session State

In this exercise, you will explore the use session state provider for Windows Azure Caching as the mechanism for out-of-process storage of session data to be useable in a web farm. For this purpose, you will use Azure Store - a sample shopping cart application implemented in MVC. Please make sure to Download Hands-on Lab Source Files before start of Exercise 1.

Follow the step by step instructions to complete the following tasks.

Task 1 – Running the Azure Store Sample Site in the Compute Emulator

In this task, you will run the Azure Store application in the compute emulator using the default session state provider; you will change that provider to take advantage of the Windows Azure Caching service later on.

Task 2 – Configuring Session State Using Windows Azure Caching

In this task, you will change the Session State provider to take advantage of the Windows Azure Cache as the storage mechanism.

Task 3 – Verification

In this task, you will verify the application by pressing F5 in Visual Studio 2010

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