Windows Phone 7 first update rolls in - not NoDo

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Windows Phone 7 first update rolls in - not NoDo

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Today Microsoft released the first official update for Windows Phone 7. And although the update itself is not that exciting as it may seem - it is not the NoDo people were expecting for (that should introduce Copy/Paste functionality and performance improvements). This update introduces some slight modifications to the update mechanism so that the actual update runs smoothly.

I've seen people asking how come the emulator image was updated automatically and a micro-update is required for the phone OS in order to get the rest of the upcoming features. Remember, that the emulator image was recompiled from scratch and shipped as another update to the SDK itself - the old image was completely replaced. There was no user-controlled update in the emulator.

To make sure you are able to be notified when an update is available, on your Windows Phone 7 device go to Settings > Phone Update - check that the "Notify me when new updates are found" option is selected.

It is confirmed that the update itself didn't yet reach all WP7 users (for example, me) - the phone OS as well as Zune doesn't detect any available updates. On a side note, before looking for the actual update, it is recommended that users update the Zune software. Open Settings > General > Check For Update. An update should be available:

For details on the update, check out these resources:

In the meantime, WP7 users are eagerly awaiting for NoDo.



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