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Ten phones from HTC, LG, Dell, and Samsung were unveiled today that will ship in the next month with Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 OS installed.  Some of the handsets will be released to select European and Asian markets on October 21st, while the US gets its WP7 phones on November 8th.  

The Qualcomm Snapdragon-based handsets will be sold by carriers including America Movil, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom AG, Movistar, O2, Orange, SFR, SingTel, Telstra, TELUS, T-Mobile USA, and Vodafone.  These phones will also be sold in Microsoft Store locations and on Amazon.com.  CDMA versions of WP7 have been confirmed for 2011.

The specific WP7 handsets include:

  • HTC 7 Surround -- The 3.8-inch T8788 with slideout speaker for AT&T and Telus
  • HTC HD7 -- Schubert comes of age as a 4.3-inch HD2 cousin for T-Mobile and beyond
  • HTC 7 Trophy -- the 3.8-inch Spark headed to international carriers
  • HTC 7 Mozart -- another heavily leaked int'l player with 3.7-inch display
  • Dell Venue Pro -- 4.1-inch portrait QWERTY slider for T-Mobile we broke as Lightning
  • Samsung Focus -- AT&T's 4-inch Super AMOLED slate we broke as Cetus
  • Samsung Omnia 7 -- the i8700 is a 4-inch Super AMOLED jobbie for Europe
  • LG Optimus 7 -- the E900 is the official 3.8-inch global workhorse
  • LG Quantum -- AT&T's 3.5-inch landscape slider first seen as the C900
  • HTC 7 Pro -- a 3.6-inch QWERTY slider for Sprint (2011)

The HTC 7 Surround is an interesting model with a slideout speaker and a stand.

The tagline for WP7 is "Glance and Go."  The meaning behind it is that Microsoft wanted people to spend less time navigating their smartphone and completing tasks, so they implemented a "hubs"-based organization and made frequently used features easier to access and use with fewer steps.  While many phones took awhile to implement the highly-requested features they have now, WP7 is playing catch-up quite well and implementing these same features in the first release of their OS.  Features as simple as moving and deleting start menu tiles are included.

Integrations with Microsoft Office and SharePoint software will also make WP7 a valuable platform.  WP7 will be able to synchronize Word, Excel, and Power Point documents across work, home, and mobile computing devices like no other phone.  You can easily attach a power point document to an email, for example, and open it up on a the Windows Phone 7 device in a seamless manner.

WP7 will also be getting AT&T's new U-verse Mobile, and you don't even have to be a customer to use it. Non-customers will pay $9.99 a month for mobile TV, while current AT&T customers will get the service for free.  This is a nationwide service for the US.  An Xbox 360 console will be able to function as a U-verse receiver if you are a customer.  

Microsoft also announced that the copy and paste functionality will be added to all Windows Phones by early 2011.  

Now we leave you with some WP7 overview videos:


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