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Windows Phone 7 Mango: the highlights

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There is a video on YouTube where Joe Belfiore (whose title is the slightly weird “corporate vice president, Windows Phone Program Management”) shows off the features of the new Windows Phone 7 update called Mango. This post summarizes the highlights.
  • IE9 becomes the WP7 browser (with accelerated graphics, similar to [1]).
  • Location-based search: get information on your surroundings such as eat+drink, see+do, shop, favorites, etc.
  • Bing Vision: take a picture of a book, pick one of the suggestions (to help make Bing the correct guess) and do things such as buy the book, compare prices, etc.
  • Smarter approach to apps:
    • Better and faster multi-tasking – hold the back button and flick through card views of running apps.
    • Pin notification feeds (on products, a delivery of yours, etc.) as tiles to your home screen.
  • E-Mail:
    • Group messages by conversation (thread), collapse or expand conversations, remove messages from conversations
    • Multiple email accounts.
  • Groups (of people): aggregated activity feeds (photos, status messages, etc.). That is, you follow a combined stream of the group, instead of group members individually.
  • Threads: follow a communication thread with the same person across media (Windows Live Messenger, SMS, Facebook).
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