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Windows Phone 7 System Tray

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Windows Phone 7 System Tray

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System Tray is an important part of Windows Phone 7 platform as it displays critical system information and notifications to the user. In this post I will cover basic functionality of system tray, explain how to hide/show system tray in your Windows Phone 7 applications programmatically and demonstrate some status icons.

eugenedotnet system tray tutorial for windows phone 7


  • System Tray is located in the top part of a PhoneApplicationFrame (basically Frame consist of Page element and System Tray)
  • System Tray is mostly used to display status Icons or system-level notification to user(some of the status icons are shown in the last section of this post)
  • In portrait orientation system tray has a height of 32px
  • In landscape orientation system tray has a width of 72px
  • System Tray is also available in Windows Phone 7 Emulator(image bellow)

    windows phone 7 system tray in emulator by eugenedotnet
  • To display System Tray in emulator or on an actual device you have to tap the top of the screen
  • System Tray usually disappears after a few seconds
  • System Tray is not available in full screen mode
  • SystemTray is a class of Microsoft.Phone.Shell namespace

Show/Hide System Tray in applications

To display system tray in XAML page of your application you have to add the following line of code to <phone:PhoneApplicationPage> element (note that by default this attribute is set to True):


To hide system tray in your XAML page you have to set this attribute to False (it will add some additional room for the content of your application page):



Status Icons

Here are some of Windows Phone 7 system tray status icons taken from my HTC Mozart manual.

eugenedotnet windows phone 7 status icons

Source: http://www.eugenedotnet.com/2011/01/w17-windows-phone-7-system-tray/


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