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Windows Phone 7.5 Programming in C#

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The Windows Phone Programming in C# Faculty Resources by Rob Miles has recently been updated at Microsoft's faculty resource center.  Here are the sections that are now updated for Windows Phone 7.5 (7.1 OS)... and a made up book cover:

  1. Windows Phone
  2. Introduction to Silverlight
  3. Visual Studio Solution Management
  4. Constructing a Program with Silverlight
  5. Isolated Storage on Windows Phone
  6. Using Databases on Windows Phone
  7. Networking with Windows Phone
  8. XNA on Windows Phone
  9. Creating Windows Phone Applications
  10. Windows Phone Marketplace

Each chapter has a word doc, PDF, demonstrations, presentations, and lab content.

Look below for the zip file:

Source: https://www.facultyresourcecenter.com/curriculum/pfv.aspx?ID=8874&c1=en-us&c2=0&Login=&wa=wsignin1.0

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