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Windows Phone 8 SDK New Features For Developers

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I dug in the Windows Phone 8 object browser and I found some interesting classes:


In WP7, there is only the GetCookies method.
In WP8, there are the new ClearCookiesAsync and ClearInternetCacheAsync methods.


There is a event called SmsReceived which could be really interesting to use. However, there is a little note saying: “This API is not intended to be used directly from your code”.

Windows.UI.Input.EdgeGesture, Windows.Devices.Input.MouseCapabilities and Windows.Devices.Input.KeyboardCapabilities

They all seem interesting, but I was not able to instantiate them. I get this exception: Requested Windows Runtime type ‘Windows.Devices.Input.MouseCapabilities’ is not registered.


This namespace contains a lot of cool classes:

  • LicenseInformation (ExpirationDate, IsActive, IsTrial, ProductLicences).
  • ListingInformation (AgeRating, CurrentMarket, Description, FormattedPrice, Name, ProductListings)
  • ProductLicense (ExpirationDate, IsActive, IsConsumable, ProductId)
  • ProductListing (Description, FormattedPrice, ImageUri, Keywords, Name, ProductId, ProductType, Tag)
  • CurrentApp (GetAppReceiptAsync, LoadListingInformationAsync, LoadListingInformationByKeywordsAsync, RequestProductPurchageAsync)

I hope these classes will be available to use in applications. They could be useful in making marketplace apps!


The Launcher class has LaunchFileAsync and LaunchUriAsync. The summary of LaunchUriAsync is: Starts the default app associated with the specified file or protocol.

I tried it with the protocol mailto:email@company.com and it launched the mail application! It will be cool if applications can register file type. Please note that I did not see a way to do that.

There are a lot more, but because I’m not sure if they will be available in the release version, it will better to wait for the final bits of the SDK.


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