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Windows Phone Dev Week In Review - Edition #1

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Windows Phone Dev Week In Review - Edition #1

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It's time for the first installment of a new series here on DZone - Windows Phone Dev Week in Review. Every week I will publish the highlights in the Windows Phone dev universe - everything from events and tutorials, to featured apps and people. Make sure to stay tuned weekly to get the latest and greatest.

Nokia Create

Nokia has announced a new competition for developers, where you have a chance to win Nokia gear, Nokia devices, an Xbox, Windows tablets as well as exposure and promotions for your application in the Windows Phone Store. All in all, you have to develop a new Windows Phone application in one of the 8 categories (Image & Photo, NFC, Maps & Places, Music, Cross 8, Fun & Games, Work Life and Freestyle) - or you might tackle all of them, or you could participate in mini-missions, where you are required to update an existing applications with features that are related to a specific mini-mission. Not that complicated, if you ask me.

All information is already available on the official Nokia Create website - right here. As a bonus perk, for registering in Nokia Create, you will also get 50XP in Nokia DVLUP, so make sure to sign up for the proper challenge.

Toledo Design Partners with Nokia

My good friend Arturo Toledo and his design company - Toledo Design, have partnered with Nokia to deliver top notch design consultations to Windows Phone developers through the DVLUP program. Those guys are rockstars when it comes to applying Modern Design principles to your app, so I would not hesitate to take on the opportunity to spend 3125XP on DVLUP for an hour session targeted to improve the visual appearance of my apps. Read more about this opportunity here.

Learn about Fast App Resume

If you are building for Windows Phone 8, you should know that your app can support proper Fast App Resume, allowing you to reuse the same application instance instead of restarting it on each action trigger. Matt Hidinger put together a guide to get you started on the official Windows Phone Blog.

Hunting Performance Issues

We are all excited about developing a new Windows Phone app, but developer still should not forget that performance is key, and if an app is laggy and crashes often - chances are the negative reviews will catch up pretty fast and the download numbers will plummet. This can be avoided and, what a coincidence - Microsoft offers you the tools to track down potential issues. Lawrence Gripper  put together an article that will show you how to leverage those to speed up your application and avoid potential memory bottlenecks.


Improvements for Windows Phone App Developers - Cash In Easier on the Holidays

The holiday season is coming and, as official statistics show, the download numbers spike during that period. In order to make it easier for developers to get paid for their work in the Store, Microsoft announced several changes to the way payouts are handled. First and foremost, you will no longer have to wait for carrier payouts. Second, there are now more ad providers that are part of the Microsoft network, so you will get more opportunities to provide a variety of offers to your app users. Third, you should read this from the official source!

Developer Interview: OneShot

Boc Ly, of Nokia, published an interview with Andy Stumpp, developer of OneShot for Windows Phone. The app heavily relies on the Nokia Imaging SDK and is a great tool for photo aficionados who have a Windows Phone device. Check out the interview here and more of Andy's apps here


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