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Windows Phone Dev Week In Review - Edition #2

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It's time for another review of what happened this past week in the Windows Phone development world. Here are the highlights:

Rebellion & Windows Phone

Nokia Developer Blog is highlighting the story of Rebellion Games, an indie studio that developed Dredd vs. Zombies,  Zombie HQ and Guns 4 Hire. Find out more what they had to say about their development timeline & benefits of the Windows Phone platform here.

How-To: Cross-App Communications

As a Windows Phone developer with more than one app that are submitted in the Store that fit in a specific niche, I find that more often than not there is a need to pass specific information from one application to another. Introducing developers to the concept, Jerry Nixon talks to Sean McKenna about the possible approaches to the problem as well as best practices and cloud integration. Find out more about this on Channel9.

In-App Purchase Reminders

As your Windows Phone app hits the store, you want to increase the number of downloads, as well as the rate of user engagement, one of the components of that being in-app purchases. Shawn Kendrot of Schneider Electric, put together an idea/code outline on how to tell your app users that there is more to the app than just the basic package. Read more about it here.

Building a Corporate Hub

Developing for Windows Phone doesn't mean that every application you create has to be available for the general public. With the release of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft offers the capability to establish your own "App Store" for apps that are destined for internal use in your company or organization. Olivier Matis wrote a fantastic guide that goes into the inner details of the process.

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