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Daily Dose: Windows Phone gets a New App Hub

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Daily Dose: Windows Phone gets a New App Hub

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Microsoft announced a new hub for Windows Phone developers today, called the "App Hub". The new marketplace will feature geographic markets, options for privately distributing your applications, and better application and account management capabilities. App Hub is slated to be released alongside the latest version of the Windows Phone software, dubbed "Mango", when it is released on August 22nd. Mango will also add more language support and markets in 19 more countries.

Hibernate Core 4.0.0.Beta4 Released

Hibernate, the Java framework for mapping object-oriented domain models to relational databases, released an update to the beta release today. The new release features "a primary milestone for the consolidation of how bindings get built between annotation processing and hbm.xml processing". Hiberinate Core 4.0.0.Beta4 also adds metadata integration in the Hibernate engine, and is available from SourceForge and the JBoss Nexus repository.

Node.js Update Improves Documentation

The newest update for the popular JavaScript  event-driven I/O server-side environment Node.JS was released yesterday with several fixes and improvements. The new stable version includes:

    •    #394 Fix Buffer drops last null character in UTF-8
    •    #829 Backport r8577 from V8 (Ben Noordhuis)
    •    #877 Don’t wait for HTTP Agent socket pool to establish connections.
    •    #915 Find kqueue on FreeBSD correctly (Brett Kiefer)
    •    #1085 HTTP: Fix race in abort/dispatch code (Stefan Rusu)
    •    #1274 debugger improvement (Yoshihiro Kikuchi)
    •    #1291 Properly respond to HEAD during end(body) hot path (Reid Burke)
    •    #1304 TLS: Fix race in abort/connection code (Stefan Rusu)
    •    #1360 Allow _ in url hostnames.
    •    Revert 37d529f8 – unbreaks debugger command parsing.
    •    Bring back global execScript
    •    Doc improvements


Groovy 1.8.1 and 1.9-beta-1 Released

The Groovy development team announced two new releases of their JVM language Groovy:  1.8.1 and 1.9-beta-1. Both of the releases include performance optimizations for primitive type calculations, new built-in JSON support additions, tab completion support for the groovysh shell, and the usual GDK refinements. In addition, the newest Beta release adds most of the Java 7 Project Coin enhancements.

How to get C like performance in Java

Today's top link includes tips on how to increase performance in Java to match C!

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