Windows Phone Podcasts - A List of the Finest on the Web

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Windows Phone Podcasts - A List of the Finest on the Web

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If you need Windows Phone tips and tricks on your way to work, your lunch break, or maybe even while you sleep (whoa, dedication), then you ought to catch up and start keeping up with these preeminent podcasts for your Windows Phone fancy.

Windows Phone Dev Podcast

A show for both developers and enthusiasts by two dedicated .NET guys

Windows Phone Radio

From two major Zune and Windows Phone representatives at Microsoft, Windows Phone Radio is a pretty fun show that focuses more on the consumer side than the developer. 

Yet Another Podcast

Last but not least, a hardcore developer-focused podcast that's run primarily by Jesse Liberty, a senior developer evangelist on the Windows Phone team at Microsoft.  He talks about more than just Windows Phone, but I've kindly narrowed down to just the clearly WP7 focused articles.  However, you should look at the whole list for some podcasts on development that are still relevant to Windows Phone developers.  For example, there are are a couple that are purely focused on C#.

I'd still recommend you take a look at the full list of podcasts, since a lot of the C#, WCF, and other tools training is probably geared towards Windows Phone development, and therefore, still useful to the pure WP7 dev.

Happy Listening!

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