Windows Will Align Runtime and Languages With Windows Phone

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Windows Will Align Runtime and Languages With Windows Phone

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At an event this week where Microsoft unveiled a giant, six-story Windows Phone, Joe Belfiore, the VP of the Windows Phone Management Program announced that the platform for Windows and Windows Phone would align their runtime as well as the languages (C#, XAML, HTML/JavaScript).  WinRT will be the engine that drives this universal Metro experience via multiple languages.  Joel Hruska thinks that the language alignment is a bit pre-mature:

Aligning software development, however, isn’t the same thing as unifying the code base between WP7 and Windows 8. The former makes sense given Microsoft’s current status as a niche player in the smartphone industry, while the latter is premature given the current state of Windows 8.  -- Joel Hruska

For now Microsoft will focus on aligning the programming tools for mobile and desktop along with the web browser, IE.  What is currently being debated in the community now, is whether or not Microsoft will base the next version of Windows Phone on the Windows NT kernel.

Anyway, enjoy the video of the giant Windows Phone!

Source: http://www.extremetech.com/mobile/104149-microsoft-aligns-features-between-windows-windows-phone

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