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Winners of the 3scale StartupBus API Contest Announced

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Winners of the 3scale StartupBus API Contest Announced

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Ten APIs To Join 3scale On StartupBus

A month ago we launched a customer contest to select which APIs would be presented by our evangelists to StartupBus hackers.

We received many applications from all kind of APIs from a diverse number of industries. Sadly, our jury of Kin Lane, Steven Willmott, Kristine Jennings, and myself could only select only ten of them.

Our goal was to select the ones that could help Buspreneurs build the most amazing apps possible, and help their businesses.

Today, we are really thrilled to announce the ten StartupBus API contest winners – and they are….


Bistri logo
Bistri reinvents the way we make video calls with a simple and permanent link to be reached. It works from the Web, on the mobile Web, Android and iOS. It lets you integrate Video Calling, Video Conferencing, and Data Channels into your apps.

Bistri developer portal


Bitcasa logo
Bitcasa is a secure, virtual 1TB hard drive in the cloud. The Bitcasa REST API saves you time by providing a plug-and-play filesystem for your mobile, web, and desktop apps. Storage and devices are now fully independent.

Bitcasa developer portal


Evercam logo
Evercam is a service that allows users to write code and connect to over 1,600 IP cameras, DVRs and NVRs to make the cameras more useful and integrated with applications.

Evercam developer portal


FullContact logo
FullContact takes a piece of contact information, such as an email address, and enhances it by adding information such as name, job title, and social media profiles, returning the information in XML, JSON, or vCard format.

Fullcontact developer portal


Kairos logo
The Kairos API allows developers to bring the magic of identity to their applications and services. Our facial recognition API’s are amongst the best in the world.

Kairos developer portal


Kii logo
Kii Cloud eliminates the need for custom backend solutions for your mobile app. If you’ve managed to please your users, keep perfecting your app and we will see to it that you can maximize your CPM and fill rates and earn the revenue that you deserve.

Kii developer portal
Kii to Unity Challenge


Nutritionix logo
Nutritionix helps developers innovate the world of nutrition. Power your app with nutrition data from over 100,000 foods and thousands of restaurants and grocery stores.

Nutritionix developer portal


Trippin'in logo
The Trippin’ in API comes with a number of amazing features that will enhance the way your online users find and assess cool hangout spots. Trippin’in’s algorithm monitors the social pulse of local POI (Points of interest), creating an extraordinary BIG DATA, offered as insights for B2B.

Trippin’in developer portal


Undata logo
An unofficial API version of the great data made available by the United Nations. Could be really helpful for social entrepreneurship and international projects.

UNdata developer portal


Zeebox logo
Sign up for instant access to the APIs that power zeebox – the world-leading social TV platform, or develop widgets with a powerful Openbox JavaScript toolkit.

Zeebox developer portal

We hope Buspreneurs will have fun hacking with these APIs and they will come up with great startup projects.

To follow our trip on the StartupBus follow @3scale and #startupbus

Also, we’re hosting a launch party for StartupBus at our SF office on Saturday 1st March. Join us!  RSVP here.

If you’ll be at SXSW we’ll also be hosting a meetup around APIs there. Register here

Hope to meet you soon!


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