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WordPress 3.6 Oscar Released

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WordPress 3.6 Oscar Released

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The latest release of WordPress 3.6 has now been released, it has been in the making for some time now and has come with a number of great updates. All of the new WordPress versions are names after famous musicians and this release is named after the Jazz pianist Oscar Peterson.

Here is a video to demonstrate the new features of WordPress 3.6.

What's New

The first thing you will notice about WordPress 3.6 is the new theme, each version of WordPress comes with a default theme which is used to show people the new features that are included. This version comes with the theme Twenty Thirteen, this has a new single column design showing you how you can use different post formats to create new content for your WordPress site.


Article Revisions

Post revisions has had a big revamp, when you are writing an article in WordPress it will automatically save the post revision so you can go back to this at a later date. In 3.6 this has now changed to be more interactive, you can now see the difference between the two revisions. If you have multiple authors working on a post you will now be able to see what authors have made what change to the article.


Post Locking

If you had a website with multiple authors then you could get in the situation where both authors are working on the same piece of content. This would mean that one author will override the content of the other author. In 3.6 this has been solved by allowing you to lock a post for editing so other authors can't change this content.

HTML5 Video Player

WordPress 3.6 takes advantage of HTML5 tag by allowing you to add videos to the page and these will be displayed on your website using a default HTML5 video or audio player.

Menu Page

There has been a redesign of the menu page which now makes it easier to work with a large amount of pages on your site. It also makes it easier to create new menus and new menu locations.

What's Changed

Along with all the new features that have been improved in 3.6 there is lots more for developers to play with. There has been new functions and filters added for all plugin and theme developers to take advantage of. This release is also packed with a load of bug fixes to existing features on your website.

To view all the new additional features to WordPress 3.6 have a look at this list on the WordPress.org website.

New Features 3.6

Download Now

If you haven't done so already download the new Oscar version from WordPress.org now.

Download WordPress 3.6

State Of WordPress 2013

WordPress is always changing here is what we can expect from WordPress over the next year.


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