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Work Better Together with Jive's Latest Spring Cloud Release

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Work Better Together with Jive's Latest Spring Cloud Release

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We're excited to announce the latest Spring Cloud Release, which brings you the first ever joint release for Jive and JiveX Together in the Cloud! Our newest upgrades to both Jive and JiveX  help enhance employees' workstyles and drive deeper engagement with customers and partners. In today’s digital world content is king; it aligns your organization, sparks ideas in your department, and engages external communities. We’re taking how people create, share, access, and engage information to the next level. The 2014 Spring Cloud Release gives you the capabilities to:

Mark Content “Reserved"MarkReserved.png

We're continuing to knock down collaboration barriers by evolving co-creation of content. You can now mark documents as "reserved," allowing your fellow co-collaborators to see who is working on a document at any given time. A visual "reserved" indicator on the content as well as an inbox notification of the content's "reserved" status results in faster content development with less collisions and mistakes.


Share & Edit from Private Groups

Private group owners can now easily grant non-members access to individual pieces of content, breaking down barriers to collaboration while balancing visibility controls. By sharing only the content that matters to an individual, employees, customers and partners can focus their time on content that matters most - allowing everyone to work better together. For example, an executive can get feedback on a board presentation without exposing other sensitive group content, or a customer/partner can provide edits to a knowledge base article regardless of the group's top-level privacy setting.

Stream Jive Tags & Twitter #HashTagsFollowTags.png

Jive Tags have always been important, and now they're even more helpful. Stay better informed on the topics you care most about by following tags within custom streams. No matter where the topic is being discussed within a community - whether it's in a document within a sales portal, a discussion in a marketing group, or a blog post from an executive - you'll get instant updates through an activity stream directly within Jive or via email updates. Additionally, our StreamOnce + Twitter integration gives you the ability to follow hashtags now, too.Whether you're an employee, partner or customer, you can create a digest of everything you care about - in one, streamlined place - to help keep you better aligned, engaged and aware.

There are many other enhancements in this release, including continued design evolution, updated Dropbox integration, and extending apps beyond employees to external contributors.  We’re also making Cloud more tailored to highly compliant industries, with records retention now available and enhanced disaster recovery coming very soon.

As always, we want to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think!


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