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Workaround for Processor Expert ‘Components’ View Synchronization

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Workaround for Processor Expert ‘Components’ View Synchronization

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CodeWarrior for MCU10.5 comes with a new Eclipse and new Processor Expert. Things are working very well so far. But I have spotted an issue which seems to be related to the new Eclipse Juno used: sometimes the Processor Expert ‘Components’ view is not correctly showing the current project used.

Problem Description

Usually, if I select a project, the Components view is automatically switching to that project and shows that project components.

The problem is that the Components view is not always showing the components for the current selected project:

Project and Components View not in Sync

Project and Components View not in Sync

The issue visible by the fact that the name of the selected project does not match with the project name shown in the Processor Expert Components view.

It seems that the problem is related with opening/closing projects in the Eclipse workspace. It does not happen always to me, but sometimes?


Luckily, the workaround is fairly simple:

  1. Close the ‘CodeWarrior Projects’ view.
  2. Re-open that view using the menu ‘Show > Views’ again.

With this, the two views are back in sync :-) .

In Sync Again

In Sync Again

Happy Syncing :-)

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