Working On a Well-known Android Application Which Communicates With Cars Infotainment Systems

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Working On a Well-known Android Application Which Communicates With Cars Infotainment Systems

Everything's connected now, even cars. Check out this work on an Android app that syncs with automobile infotainment systems.

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I moved to France at the beginning of July. The day after I arrived I started working on my first assignment as a freelance: an Android/iOS application.

This application permits to listen to Web radios. It has a huge catalog which can be navigated in many different ways. Do you want to listen to a radio from a small town in Western Australia? We got you covered! Something from Bayern? No problem! It is also possible to find radios located in your current area or consult the catalog by genre or language.

The Right Ingredients

The secret sauce of this application is the ability to work with many different audio formats. This is merit of Luca Barbato and his amazing experience in the field. If you have a problem involving audio/video streaming you want to talk with this guy. Working with him I am learning a lot. The whole project ran smoothly thank you to the project manager from Newfox Media. That meant that me and Luca had just to worry about the technical aspects of the job. While the people at Newfox Media took care of coordinating the different stakeholders located here and there around the world.

As always the most important ingredients for a good project are the people involved.

So, What is My Niche?

A typical advice that is given to professionals is to find your niche and specialize while I keep learning new technologies and experiment: I think that is my niche. My special skill is the ability to pick up fast some new technology, perhaps not so widely used and while learning, engineer a good product and deliver value fast. Then I move to the next fascinating thing.

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