Workspaces and Product Roadmapping Added to VersionOne's Toolbox

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Workspaces and Product Roadmapping Added to VersionOne's Toolbox

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As agile and lean practices evolve and diversify, development tools and systems often need to become more customizable to support a team's unique workflow.  This doesn't mean just having support for different methodologies like Scrum or XP (and variations on those methods), it also means having support for teams of varying maturity and capability.  VersionOne's Summer release includes a high degree of customization, which is instrumental in taking agile practices to the next level.

The VersionOne Summer platform release includes four primary new features.  The first is product roadmapping.  This new aspect of their software allows developers and managers to define, manage, and communicate a product strategy with user-friendly drag-and-drop roadmap building. 

Product Roadmapping Video

Project workspaces provide developers with the ability to customize their systems project-by-project.  The system can be adapted for specific teams, processes, and workflows.  It supports teams with varying levels of maturity without sacrificing visibility, reporting, or analytics across the portfolio.

Project Workspaces Video

VersionOne customers have been asking for a Salesforce.com integration, and in this release, they got it.  VersionOne users can now automatically generate defects in VersionOne based on Salesforce.com cases.  Defect data is shared bi-directionally while the defect is being fixed.  You also have the option of sending updates directly back to the Salesforce.com customer.

Salesforce.com Case Connect Video

In addition, the Summer release of VersionOne includes additional program-level reporting and improves the report distribution capabilities.

DZone talked with VersionOne's CTO Ian Culling about the specifics of this release:

DZone: Is there a common thread between the main new features and enhancements of this release?
Ian Culling:
- Drive/expand the enterprise adoption of Agile
- Further expand the impact of VersionOne beyond the core project team
DZone: What are some use cases that product roadmapping and project workspaces were built for?
- Project workspaces in VersionOne allows teams to independently adapt their process as they mature and evolve, without sacrificing cross-project visibility and reporting.  This is a challenging problem to solve, and is unique in the industry.
- Having roadmapping support directly in the ALM platform helps ensure that long-term vision and strategy are captured, maintained, and communicated to the project team, stakeholders and beyond. It allows teams and companies to align delivery with strategy.

DZone:  How will VersionOne work with the Salesforce.com platform?
-The integration is between VersionOne and Salesforce Cases, part of Salesforce CRMs ‘Service Cloud 2’ (customer service) product.
- Cases captured by service reps in Salesforce can be used to generate or associate with defects in VersionOne. When defects are resolved, the reps can synchronize with Salesforce and update the customer.
DZone: How were the report distribution capabilities improved along with the support for program-level reporting?
- Users in Analytics can email a PDF of any Dashboard or Custom Report directly from within the application
- A collection of related projects in VersionOne can be grouped into a Program. Program-level reporting is now available within Analytics on Dashboards and Analytics Grids and Programs can be used to create Custom Reports.


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