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A World of Updates, Welcome WP7 Mango

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A World of Updates, Welcome WP7 Mango

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Well the world woke up again in the Windows Phone world on the 28th September with the timely release of the latest iteration of the Windows Phone family, I'm obviously talking about Mango (Windows Phone OS 7.1).

Updating to Mango couldn’t be simpler, just plug your phone in to your PC with Zune installed (HAS to be the latest version 4.8), click on Settings –> update and away you go, or was it.


Seems the story about what should happen when is different based on a number of factors, such as:

    Where you Live
    Which phone you have (check the “ Where’s my update" charts based on your phones origin, US or International)
    What update you currently have
    If you are feeling lucky, well do ya !!

(Make sure you read all the caveats on the update pages!!)

Or any combination of these factors.

At the time of writing this I just went through what was supposed to be the painless activity of updating all of the devices I use for the XNA-UK XAP test service, the one’s I hold at present are:

    Samsung Omnia i917i8700
    Samsung Focus i917 x2
    HTC Surround t8788
    HTC HD7
    HTC HD7s
    HTC Mozart

So the scene is set, let’s see just how much fun I really had.

Things to have available or keep close to your heart:

    Zune 4.8 client installed, just visit the Zune site or go to “Settings –> General” in the Zune client and click “Check for updates”
    Have a copy of the WPCentral article on how to trick Zune into giving you the update
    (optional) Download the RTM of the Windows Phone SDK, either the web install or ISO download (be prepared if your a dev)



Samsung Omnia 7 (existing phone starting at Mango Beta 2)

Well the Samsung is my main phone and it had also been updated to the Beta 2 version of Mango.

Plugging it into Zune and you hit one problem that I faced on all he phones I updated, Zune did not se any updates!, Now it’s unsure at this point why that should be because others (around the globe) have reported that their updates have appeared, so take your pick of any of the options above.

In any case it took several attempts to get the update recognised (a common theme on update night) but once it did the whole thing was fairly seamless without having to regress my Beta 2 device to Nodo first, just update and go.

Things seems to go OK and it updated from Beta 2 to mango in one fell swoop and I was ready to expect the next clean up update but.

The thing you obviously don’t want to see when you flash / update your phone is something to go awry as happened here, as soon as the phone finished updating it rebooted, good, except it kept on rebooting and would not stop.

Tried not to panic at this point and unplugged the phone, pulled the battery, pulled the sim, turned on Flight mode and eventually it behaved long enough to get the second clean-up update on and I thought I was in the clear, but NO.

Even after that it just started rebooting again and I thought all was lost, in the end I decided to pull the battery and leave it alone for a while (about 2 hours!!) and when I finally returned it started behaving properly again.

I can only surmise in the end it was an overheating issue, so I recommend you move any cover you have on your phone before you update it just to be sure, but if it starts rebooting, just put it to one side unplugged for a while and then return to it.  I suspect in Mango there are some new safety features to protect the phone should it overheat, but without the new firmware updates (which are missing at the time of writing) it just reboots and scares the hell out of you.

It certainly must be something in Mango RTM as I’ve never had an issue before and my phone can get quite hot either while i’m testing or it’s in my pocket, we’ll see.

Total Update time – 1.2 hours

Total hair puling time – 4 hours



Samsung Focus No 1 (New phone starting at 7004)

Well actually I tried phone number two first (which is the wifes) but it just made Zune keep thinking about updates without ever coming back but I'll come back to that next.

Now this phone is one of my latest, so much so I hadn’t even unboxed it yet, so out it came and plugged it in I did Open-mouthed smile

First it had to update to 7008 and then 7392 before it would even see the Mango Updates each time I needed to keep repeating the WPCentral fix for Zune to recognise it.  I started to suspect it must be something to do with my PC at this point with Zune as Nodo has been around for quite a while but on I pressed.

Next it updated to 7712, which I found odd but then it automatically continued on to the nice and shiny 7720 mango build without being prompted so a win there, but overall not the one click update I was expecting, so I can only guess that's from now on after Mango.

Total Update time – 1.2 hours

Total hair pulling time – none

Samsung Focus No 2 (Existing phone starting at 7390)

Now at this point I was hopeful, I had restarted my Wife’s phone (I did mention this was the Wife’s phone so it was good to test on my other focus first right?) which cleared the update freezing issue (actually with the focus a good reboot every now and again clears most ills) and after running the WpCentral tweak (actually this took considerably more attempts this time but again it could be my machine) the Phone saw the update.

Straight jump to 7712 (skipping 7392) which worked fine and the phone came back punching for the 7720 update, all is well.

It was at this point I noticed that the Zune client doesn’t cache Roms for similar phones so it had to download the mango release twice for both focuses, granted a tad annoying but I guess this isn’t a usual case so it can be forgiven (except the Mango build is quite large and too a fair amount of time on my poor connection), I digress.

So back to the update story and this is where the story took a turn for the worse, the mango update finished the phone rebooted and then got stuck.

At this point I was strongly considering packing my bags, grabbing my passport and leaving the country, especially since this was the Wifes phone, but steadfast I was and tried all of the same things I did with the Omnia with no success.  Mexico is good this time of year isn’t it?

After a few searches on the interweb and call outs to twitter I was seemingly left with two options, try a master reset and hope it worked and take the flak for the wife having to set her phone up all over again, or give her the other phone with pretty much the same story.

Thankfully a Master reset of the device did fix the problem (but not the eventual headache of having to explain it to the Wife) so i can only assume that the last flash process had somehow corrupted the SD card on the device hence losing what was on there.  I had encountered this before with the HTC surround and other SD based phones (not so with the Omnia which has flash memory)

So the Wife gets back her phone and I still have my other Focus and now a raging headache complete with two burned patches on the back of my head. (plus a daft question of “what’s this Local scout stuff”, to which I reply “try it and find out!”)

Total Update time – 2 hours

Total hair pulling time – 2.5 hours

Time for the wife to calm down about having her phone wiped – Eternity (Priceless)


On another note, wiping the phone did highlight a new new touch that the MS team have added to Mango (which is only available if you reset the device) is a “Welcome to Windows Phone” app, which gives you instructions / help and tips for the new update, almost a “Your new to Windows Phone, let me help you” approach.  Very Nice.

HTC Surround (Starting point 7392)

This was actually the first phone i tried but after several repeated attempts I couldn’t get it to see the updates and gave up, after the experiences with the two focus’s I returned and tried again.

This one ended up being the smoothest update since it was up to date to begin with, found the update and ran through the update process twice without prompt and returned to find a Mango’d HTC Surrond, thumbs up!.

Total Update time – 45 minutes

Total Hair pulling time – none



HTC HD7 & HD7s (Both starting at 7392)

Nothing to report here, tried a lot of times to get it to see the update with no success.  I returned to the international “Where's my Update” page only to see a little caveat that not all phones on AT&T have actually got the update being delivered so the chart is a bit misleading.

Hence why I say earlier to check the chart against the origin of the phone and not the network you are using it on, it’s al down to the provider of the phone.

So I’ve parked the HD7’s for now

Total Update time – N/A

Total hair pulling time – 20 minutes (only because I didn’t read the chart properly)


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