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Wrapping a jQuery Plugin in an AngularJS Directive [Video]

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Wrapping a jQuery Plugin in an AngularJS Directive [Video]

Need to wrap a jQuery plugin in an AngularJS directive? It's not as difficult as you think. Here's how to accomplish this feat.

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Recently I saw Evil Trout’s screencast Wrapping a jQuery plugin in an Ember.js component, and thought that it would be really valuable to show the exact same plugin implemented instead as an AngularJS directive.

I want to be clear that I don’t intend to start some sort of Angular vs. Ember flame war. I happen to believe, as Ben Lesh concludes in his excellent 6-part blog series comparing the two frameworks, that Angular and Ember are two paths up the same mountain, and that together they are pushing the state of web development forward.

It’s clear that I need better audio equipment if I intend to keep doing screencasts, but I think it’s passable. I hope you enjoy it!

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