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Writing About Agile [Prompts]

Writer's block?

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Writer's block is normal — here's how to relieve it!

Writer's block is normal — here's how to relieve it!

Everyone struggles with writing from time to time. Lucky for you, we have compiled a few prompts to get you started! Choose a prompt, do your research, and get writing!

Please comment and let us know if you found these prompts helpful, or if you have any ideas for future prompts!

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Prompt #1: Scrum Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Scrum patterns and anti-patterns are crucial for having a smooth-running Scrum team. Do you have a favorite Scrum Pattern? Favorite Anti-Pattern? Why is it your favorite, and how does your team utilize it?

Do you have more than one favorite? Perhaps you could create a ranking of them and the pros and cons of different patterns to help other developers choose the right path for their team!

Prompt #2: Female Developers

The software industry is notoriously a boys-club. What is your experience being a female developer in a male-dominated field? Do you notice yourself being treated differently? If so, in what way?

What is your advice for other women trying to make it in the software industry? What advice would you give yourself if you could travel back in time? You never know, you could be inspiring the next generation!

Prompt #3:  The Daily Standup

Daily or weekly standups are the backbones of a strong Scrum team. How often does your team meet? How long do your meetings last? Did one method of standup work better than another? Do you recite any mantras?

Perhaps your team has chosen to forgo the daily standup — what made you make that choice? Write an article about your Scrum teams approach to meetings, and how to make them count.

Prompt #4: Leadership

The backbone of any effective Agile team is strong leadership. As a leader, how to do you empower your team members? What leadership style do you use? Is there any advice you would give to others attempting to move into a leadership position?

In addition, how do you empower women on your team to speak up in a male-dominated environment? We want to hear it! Tell us how you lead your group, or how you prefer to be lead!

Did that help? Please comment below and let us know! Have ideas for prompts or articles? Have questions about submitting to DZone? Let us know!

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