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Writing About Cloud [Prompts]

If you're struggling with putting pen to paper (or cursor to Word) to write about Cloud, check out these prompts.

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Here are a few cloud content ideas for your consideration.

Ever struggle with what to write? No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a list of cloud prompts and article ideas to help cure even the worst cases of writer's block. So, take a moment, check out the prompts below, pick one (or more!), and get to writing.

Also, please feel free to comment on this post to bounce around ideas, ask questions, or share which prompt(s) you're working on. 

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Prompt #1: Cloud News We Could Use

Technology in the cloud computing atmosphere is changing all the time, and there are exciting news stories and developments emerging seemingly every day. For example, this latest breakthrough in quantum computing from Google, or the shifts that are happening below the surface at Oracle.

That's why this first prompt is dedicated to informing the DZone masses about some of the latest happenings in cloud computing. We're asking for a roundup of some of the latest stories in cloud, at least five headlines with a paragraph or two of commentary about how they are shaping cloud computing. And if you can find any Twitter reactions to your news, that's always great, too.

Prompt #2: Kubernetes-less Tutorials

Kubernetes is the largest and most popular container orchestrator among developers, and for good reason. But we've already got tons of tutorials on Kubernetes and how it works in cloud computing environments; now it's time to let some of the other container orchestrators, like OpenShift or AWS Fargate, take a turn. 

To be clear, we're not asking for a Kubernetes comparison article (we've got those in spades, too). Take your favorite container orchestration tool and tell us how it works, components and all. 

Prompt #3: You're Doing Cloud Wrong!!

Are you tired of hearing developers who legititmately fear that the serverless overlords are coming for your job, or seeing public, private, and hybrid cloud put head-to-head when one is clearly better than the rest? We're giving you license to rant and rave about it here. If there's something that you need to get off your chest about how developers, engineers, or leaders are talking about an aspect of cloud computing, (respectfully) tell them about it. 

Once again, please feel free to comment on this post to share your thoughts, ideas, questions, or other article ideas on what you would like to see on DZone! The sky's the limit!

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