Writing About DevOps [Prompts]

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Writing About DevOps [Prompts]

Stuck on what to write about for DevOps? Take a look at some of these prompts for an idea or two.

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If you're having trouble thinking of DevOps writing topics, let us supply your aha moment.

Ever struggle with what to write? No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a list of cloud prompts and article ideas to help cure even the worst cases of writer's block. So, take a moment, check out the prompts below, pick one (or more!), and get to writing.

Also, please feel free to comment on this post to bounce around ideas, ask questions, or share which prompt(s) you're working on. 

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Prompt #1: The Next Dev_Ops

At this point, we've had DevSecOps, DataOps, SysOps, and even NoOps. But maybe we're forgetting something. If you have been hearing talk or just have a hunch that there is another Dev_Ops around the corner, let us know what it is and why it should (or will soon) exist.

Alternatively, maybe there are just too many already and you are a DevOps purist. Make your case for why there are just too many terms to describe what should be a single framework.

Prompt #2: Explaining DevOps to Management

The benefits of (properly implemented) DevOps pipelines and workflows are self-evident. But have you ever gone to a higher-up with a pitch for a new tool or service and just gotten a blank stare in return? More importantly, were you able to figure out a way to convince them of how important your request was?

That's what this prompt is all about. In the same vein as this series on IoT, how do you go about explaining DevOps to non-technical leadership? What are some common definitions you use to help them understand what CI and CD are, how to put Kubernetes into practice, and what the difference between test automation and automation testing is? Trust me, your peers will appreciate it.

Prompt #3: You're Doing DevOps Wrong!!

We know that DevOps isn't easy to implement: first, you have to convince your team, then you have to convince leadership, put in the processes, agree on the tools, build the culture...The list goes on.

But some people are completely missing the mark, and it's up to you to help them see the light.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to craft an article highlighting either a single or multiple mistakes that developers, leadership, or enterprises as a whole are making and tell them how they can course-correct.

Before it's too late.

Once again, please feel free to comment on this post to share your thoughts, ideas, questions, or other article ideas on what you would like to see on DZone! The sky's the limit!

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