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Writing About Microservices [Prompts]

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Some ideas to get you started.

Some ideas to get you started.

Writer's block is the WORST, but good news! We have just the remedy you need! Everyone knows that writing about microservices is not for the faint of heart. We have compiled a couple of prompts to get you started. 

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Prompt #1: Netflix

With all of its moving parts and features, Netflix is one of the most public uses of microservices. Are you an expert? Explain the microservices of Netflix: How does it work? How do they troubleshoot different areas of the website? What kinds of microservices are necessary to keep the website running smoothly?

Alternatively, choose another company that utilizes microservices, and explain that! We want your insight on the things we use every day!

Prompt #2: Deploying Microservices in the Cloud

On DZone, we are always looking for the next big tutorial to help our developers be the best they can be! Do you know how to deploy microservices in the cloud? Teach us! Include code snippets and screenshots to help others along the way!

Don't know about the cloud, but have other ideas? Teach us how your team uses microservices!

Prompt #3: Migrating to Microservices

Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials! We want to know how your team uses microservices, and what advantages you have noticed since switching? Disadvantages? Tell us how you switched, and teach our readers your ways!

Did that help? Please comment below and let us know! Have ideas for prompts or articles? Have questions about submitting to DZone? Let us know!

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