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Writing About Web Development [Prompts]

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Ever struggle with what to write? No worries, we've got you covered. Here's a list of web development prompts and article ideas to help cure even the worst cases of writer's block. So, take a moment, check out the prompts below, pick one (or more!), and get to writing.

Also, please feel free to comment on this post to bounce around ideas, ask questions, or share which prompt(s) you're working on. 

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Prompt #1: Get Up and Go(lang)!

For a langauge that has quickly becoming one of the most popular "new" languages at the tail end of this decade, we have few tutorials on creating applications using Go. So, if you're a pro at Go, or maybe just starting out and using this as an opporutnity to get familiar with it, we'd love for you to share any and all projects you've made with the rest of our community!

Prompt #2: Give Vue.js Some Love

Angular and React are clearly at the forefront of SPA development going into 2020, but that doesn't mean that Vue's by any means dead. Show Vue some love by sharing some of your work with the framework, whether it be a simple to-do list or the frontend to a full-blown application. 

Prompt #3: iOS for the Win

For all of the Swift and (old-school) Objective C developers out there, it's your time to shine. Share some of your latest and greatest iOS applications and how-tos with anyone in our Android/Java-loving community looking to come over to the light side.

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