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WSO2 Releases New SOA Components on Carbon 3.0 Platform

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WSO2 Releases New SOA Components on Carbon 3.0 Platform

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The news of several new releases from WSO2, an open source SOA company, is just now hitting the wires.  WSO2 has been developing the next version of their Carbon SOA platform for several months.  Carbon is an OSGi (Equinox/p2) based platform for deploying an Eclipse-like stack that contains only the components and functionality needed for your particular SOA use case.  Today, on top of the new Carbon 3.0 platform, WSO2 released WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 3.0.0, WSO2 Identity Server 3.0.0, WSO2 Web Services Application Server 3.2.0, and WSO2 Governance Registry 3.5.0.  Since late 2009, these products have all been available as cloud instances (and all products are free to download).

WSO2 ESB 3.0

In past conversations with Paul Fremantle, has said that an SOA cannot be flexible if it simply consists of a heavyweight ESB dropped into the center of an infrastructure.  Instead, WSO2's philosophy has formed their ESB into a low-footprint, interoperable, componentized Bus.  It adds monitoring, management, and virtualization to existing service interactions.  New features in this release include:

  • Priority based mediation through priority executors
  • WS-Discovery support and dynamic endpoint discovery
  • Message Relay for efficient pass through of messages
  • Component manager to install and uninstall features (provisioning support)
  • Common Internet File System (CIFS) support through the VFS transport
  • File locking functionality in the VFS transport to support concurrent polling
  • Smooks mediator for efficient message transformation
  • Enrich mediator for smart message manipulation
  • OAuth mediator for 2-legged OAuth support
  • Default endpoint UI
  • Hot deploy and hot update configuration elements (sequences, endpoints, proxy services etc)
  • Transport level statistics collection and monitoring
  • POX security support
  • Dependency detection and alerting for mediation configuration elements
  • Mediation statistics API and custom mediation statistics consumers
  • Multiple certificate/identity support in the NHTTP transport sender
  • Improved logging capabilities for the NHTTP transport
  • Templates based proxy service development in the UI
  • Dashboard to monitor server environment and runtime
  • Easy creation and management capabilities for dynamic sequences and endpoints
  • Pagination to service management, endpoint management and sequence management UIs
  • Obtaining resources like WSDL’s through web proxy servers

Download WSO2 ESB 3.0

WSO2 Identity Server 3.0

The Identity Server manages entitlement and identity authentication.  It supports standards such as OpenID, Information Cards, and XACML.  The Identity Server component also integrates nicely into LDAP or Active Directory.  Multi-factor authentication is also supported.  Each new feature is deployed as a pluggable Carbon component:

  • SAML 2.0 based Single Sign-on support .
  • OAuth Support
  • Support for bulk-user import
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements including architectural improvements to Apache Axis2, Apache Rampart, Apache Sandesha2 , WSO2 Carbon and other projects.

Download WSO2 Identity Server 3.0

WSO2 Web Services Application Server 3.2

This product is web services engine based on Apache Axis2.  It also includes code from a number of other Apache web service projects (Synapse, CXF).  WSO2's Web Services Application Server enables a secure, reliable, and transactional runtime for creating, consuming, deploying, and managing web services.  Here are version 3.2's new features:

  • Feature Manager – The UI tool to install/uninstall Carbon featrues
  • Enhanced Equinox P2 based provisioning support – extend your WSAS instance by installin new P2 features. See P2 based provisioning in WSO2 Carbon
  • Hierarchical service support for Axis2 services, JAX-WS services, Spring services & Jar services
  • Enhanced WS-* support for JAX-WS services
  • MTOM Support for JAX-WS services
  • WS-Discovery support
  • Support for multiple server instances

Download WSO2 Web Services Application Server 3.2

The breakdown of languages used in the entire Carbon platform

WSO2 Governance Registry 3.5

The Governance Registry is pre-loaded with best practices in adopting SOA governance.  This release fully integrates the registry into the Carbon platform.  Extensions or custom UIs can be added to the Governance Registry as Carbon components.  Here are the new features for version 3.5:

  • This release includes numerous bug fixes to underlying WSO2 Carbon core platform.Gadgets for impact analysis on services and registry resources
  • Gadgets for impact analysis on services and registry resources
  • WSDL custom view
  • Dynamic Handler configuration
  • Handler simulator
  • Tree-based Resource view
  • API to govern SOA artifacts
  • Complete Web Services API for Registry
  • Improved options for Service discovery
  • WS-Discovery support
  • Scripting support for lifecycle management
  • Improved P2 based provisioning and feature management support
  • Support for adding remote mounts
  • Platform, and Group/Cluster based deployment model
  • Support for multiple server instances
  • E-mail verification for subscriptions
  • Support for deleting tags and comments
  • Support for PostgreSQL DBMS
  • Paged activity and resource search
  • Hierarchical permission model with granular and extensible permissions
  • Ability to upload metadata (in addition to importing)
  • Governance Archive for uploading WSDLs and Schemas with imports
  • Ability to update resource content by uploading
  • Rich text editor for editing text resources
  • XML editor for editing handler, lifecycle and service UI configurations

Download WSO2 Governance Registry 3.5

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