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Xcode 4 Migration

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Xcode 4 Migration

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So no doubt by now even if you are hiding under a rock you’ve heard that Xcode 4 is the default download with the iOS 4.3 SDK, so if you’ve been putting off looking at the seeds like we have … now’s the time to upgrade! And here are some resources to help you with that, beyond the obvious ones at the mothership and in the WWDC 2010 videos.


First off, read this — as advertised, super mega awesome — review by Martin Pilkington:

Xcode 4: the super mega awesome review

So it is finally here. Xcode 4 has been released into the world and we are now allowed to talk about it. As my review of Xcode 3.2 went down really well I thought I would have a go at reviewing Xcode 4 in depth. I’ll also be publishing other posts over the next few days going in to some of the bigger changes since 3.2 in more detail and hopefully helping you migrate. I’ve also put in radar numbers for all bugs and feature requests, so you can file duplicates or so any of the Xcode dev team reading this can find them…

At writing time images had been removed due to excessive popularity; fireballed version here if that’s still the case for you.

If you like screencasts, Pragmatic Studio has six of them here to introduce you to various features:

Bonus Tracks tagged ‘xcode4′

You will almost certainly want to print yourself out a copy of Cocoa Samurai’s

Xcode 4 Keyboard Shortcuts

If you aren’t subscribed to the xcode-users list, you might want to drop by the archives to see what informative tidbits pop up the next little while. Like this one for instance:

… I proceeded to install it over my current installation. After the installation, I was still able to find IB plugins that were now appearing as standard directories, since Interface Builder is gone. Well, maybe I should retract what I just said. It does seem that the installer package correctly removes Interface Builder but it also seems that it “forgets” some obsolete files as well. I then proceeded to uninstall the developer tools with the script, then re-installed Xcode 4. I saved around 3GB over the installation that was done over the existing Developer directory…

If you’d like a book, there’s one coming from Peachpit, although hopefully their writing quality is better than their predictive ability:

… Here’s my not-so-surprising prediction: Xcode 4 will likely be released to the masses alongside Lion sometime around Summer of 2011…

Given that, not surprising that they recently tweeted:

… Xcode 4 has been released. In other news, Josh is writing faster …

… Author’s current status: http://t.co/r2gNjkZ / http://t.co/KyPceD2

Heh. Good luck with that!

That’s about it we’ve noticed so far; any other resources, intros, hints, tips, or tricks to add, Dear Readers?


If you’re an AppKiDo user — try regular or iPhone interim builds, or visit github for source.

A minimal project template for Xcode 4

Well-taken documentation rant; note the pointer to the Ingredients documentation viewer.

Video: How to setup XCode 4 and GHUnit to do TDD on iOS

If you really *really* need to … Using ppc and 10.4 SDK With Xcode 4

Xcode4: make a library in one file that works on BOTH device AND simulator

Using Git Versioning inside your XCode Project

Xcode 4 Tips and Tricks at Stack Overflow

Top 10 Annoyances XCode 4 Fixed For Me

Objective-C Singleton Template for XCode 4

Xcode 4 versions of Solarized Color Theme; and xcode4themes github repository

Creating Static Libraries For iOS

How to create an IPA (Xcode 4)


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